The current assessment of mathematics is based upon best practices, the expertise of the Mathematics Department curriculum committee and the standards recommended by the Mathematical Association of America.

General Education mathematics requirement:

I.      Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

A.     Students will demonstrate competence in arithmetic

1.    Students will understand the historical development of the Hindu-Arabic and other positional systems.
2.    Students will understand number bases and computation in positional systems.
3.    Students will understand methods of estimation.
4.    Students will understand proportion.
5.    Students will understand real numbers and their properties.

B.     Students will demonstrate competence in geometry.

1.    Students will demonstrate direct and indirect measurement including length, area and volume.
2.    Students will demonstrate properties of lane and solid figures.

C.     Students will demonstrate competence in algebra.

1.    Students will solve algebraic expressions and formula.
2.    Students will demonstrate applications of linear equations, inequalities and quadratic equations.
3.    Students will compute ratio, proportion and variation.
4.    Students will understand algebraic functions.

D.     Students will demonstrate competence in data analysis.

1.    Students will understand different ways to collect and
†††††† describe data.

2.    Students will understand beginning probability theory.
3.    Students will understand how to draw conclusions based
†††††† upon statistical measures.


E.      Students will demonstrate competence in quantitative reasoning.

1.    Students will demonstrate problem solving and critical
†††††† thinking.

2.    Students will understand logic and modeling.

II.    Student Performance

Locally developed objective test questions will be embedded in exams given in all sections of MAT 103 to measure the learning objectives. (This is the primary vehicle by which students fulfill their general education math requirement.)  These questions will be designed specifically to assess performance in each of the outcome areas of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, data analysis and quantitative reasoning.

III.   Assessment/Criteria/Standards

The written objective exam questions will be combined and computed for an overall score. Those questions specifically designed to assess performance in the five outcome areas will be used to determine separate scores in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, data analysis and quantitative reasoning (rubric attached).  For each of these areas, a score of

4 = exceeds the standard
3 = meets the standard
2 = approaches the standard
1 = below the standard

IV.   Students Assessed

The exam questions will be given to all students enrolled in Math 103, the primary vehicle for meeting the general education mathematics requirement.  Questions designed to assess performance in the outcome areas will be sampled and evaluated from 15% of the students taking the final examination.

V.    Feedback

The results will be discussed at regular meetings of the mathematics department and based upon the results, appropriate action will be taken.