The Office of Academic Information and Assessment was established in 1999 to provide resources and leadership for campus-wide assessment activities. In August, 2003 assessment was mosved to the Office of Academic Affairs in GC 519. Activities have ranged from workshops for academic department representatives to producing a series of research "briefs" that focus on a variety of topics.

Rosalyn Lindner, Associate VP directs the campus assessment activities. Dr. Lindner is on full-time loan from the Sociology department and has been involved in assessment for twelve years.

    Rosalyn Lindner, Associate VP Curriculum and Assessment

KimMarie Markel is Dr. Lindner's professional staff assistant. She holds a B.S. in Sociology and a M.S.Ed. in Educational Computing from Buffalo State. Ms. Markel is a graphics designer and accomplished in data presentation.

    KimMarie Markel, Staff Assistant