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Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement

Buffalo State students are increasingly committed to community involvement, service, and social justice. This important work can help you in your personal and professional life. Earn a Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement and be recognized for your dedication and effort!

The Certificate of Recognition can be achieved by students who demonstrate extended involvement in community service, service-learning, and other community based work, social responsibility, and community participation. Distinguish yourself as a responsible citizen and leader in the community.

There are now 3 levels of recognition:

  • COMMUNITY SUPPORTER: recognizes students with at least 120 hours of service.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD ADVOCATE: recognizes students with at least 200 hours of service.

  • ACTIVE CITIZEN: recognizes students with at least 400 hours of service.

Credit and noncredit service hours can be combined to meet the hour requirements, as described below. Successful completion of the requirements is recognized at the annual VSLC Celebration of Service in the spring, where you will be presented with the Certificate, and recognized for your accomplishments.

Why Should I apply?

BSC students have reported that
community engagement expands their
personal and professional skills including:
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
The VSLC Certificate of Recognition for Community Engagement will allow you to:
  • Demonstrate that you care about your community.
  • Demonstrate your community involvement to employers.
  • Show graduate schools that you have been involved in the community.
  • Make your resume stand out.
  • Be recognized for your achievements.
  • Show that you go over and above in your commitments and community.

Certificate Requirements

Specific hours of service are required for each level, and must be documented. The service should span your career as a Buffalo State student. We encourage a diverse array of service experiences, and the hours may be fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Classes with service requirements: You may count hours from service-learning projects or other course-based volunteer requirements. Classroom observations, junior participation,internships and student teaching are not considered applicable, as these are degree or certification requirements.

  • Non course-based community service: You may count hours from community service not related to a course. This may include individual volunteer experiences, service as part of a student group, political involvement, or faith-based service. AmeriCorps hours are applicable.

  • Community work study: you may count up to 40 hours from community work study with a nonprofit community-based work study site.

  • Become a VSLC Ambassador: You may work with the VSLC for up to 40 hours, participating in the planning, marketing and implementing of service events such as Alternative Breaks, Community Service Days, and Martin Luther King Day of Service. Contact the VSLC if you are interested in this option.

Recognition Process

The required hours must be completed at the time of application and the following materials must be received in the VSLC by March 15, 2013. Please submit:

  • The completed application cover page.

  • A Service Summary Report (SSR) which serves as record of the service activities you are applying towards the certificate requirements. One SSR can be submitted for ALL service experiences including service-learning, volunteer, and/or community based work study. All information will be verified by VSLC staff.

  • Optional supplementary materials relating to any of the service projects including faculty evaluations, letters of recommendation from site supervisors, journal entries, and other relevant data may be included.
Upon submission of complete, accurate, and verified application materials, you will be notified of approval, and the VSLC will present certificates to awardees at the Celebration of Service on May 7, 2013.

Updated: 11/1/2012