Computing Services Training Rooms
Facutly/Staff Workroom PCs Faculty/Staff Workroom MACs

CyberQuad BUTL310

This is the Faculty/Staff Workroom and contains two iMACs with a color scanner attached to one; three Dell computers (one system has a color scanner and printer attached) , and a networked HP laser printer. This room is for use by any faculty or staff member of Buffalo State College and is available during normal library hours. To obtain access, send your name, title, department, building location, phone number and the last 8 digits of your Buffalo State ID card number, by e-mail to Paul Reynolds (reynolap). You should be able to access the room 48 hours after Paul receives the information (and confirmation of your request).

Butler Library CyberQuad room 316

CyberQuad BUTL316

This training room contains 22 Dell systems plus a teacher station with a 19-inch flat-screen monitor. Access to the Internet is provided through Internet Explorer. Microsoft Office and Outlook are also installed. Other software packages can be installed as required. For printing purposes, the lab has an HP laserjet printer.

Butler Library CyberQuad 318

CyberQuad BUTL318

This Pentium equipped training room has 22 Dell systems (plus one teacher station) running Windows XP. Access to the Internet is through Internet Explorer 6.0; and a variety of Windows applications are available; including the Office 2003 suite, Adobe Creative Suite SAS and SPSS Standard v12.

The Computing Services training rooms were designed to serve as dedicated training space for Buffalo State College faculty and staff. Workshops will be offered year-round in this facility. The workshop schedules will be announced in the College Bulletin throughout the year. A complete listing of workshops, by month, is also available at: Workshops held to date include Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP, Introduction to the Web, Introduction to Web Page Design, Microsoft Outlook and Blackboard. Other workshops will be offered as the need arises.

If you would like to teach a one- or two-session class for your colleagues, send e-mail with the details to Paul Reynolds ( to reserve the rooms.

E. H. Butler Library Classroom

Butler Library CyberQuad room 314

CyberQuad BUTL314

This classroom devoted to library instruction is equipped with 22 Dell computers. Access is provided to the Butler Library's online catalog, dozens of periodical databases, e-mail, and other Internet-accessible library resources. Faculty wishing to schedule instruction for their classes in research techniques related to specific course work should call Camille Spyra at 878-6314 or complete the online request form available at:

Other Classrooms

Bulger Communications Center room 400

Bulger Communications Center 400

This small training room is training small groups. The lab has the base campus software set up with the addition of Taxwise software and Adobe Creative Suite v3. This room has five Dell Optiplex 745 computers; five HP LaserJet 1022 printers - one attached to each computer; a networked HP LaserJet 3005dn - which can do double-sided printing. This room is available by reservation only by emailing or calling Paul Reynolds at 878-3361.