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What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Web-based learning environment. Blackboard enables educators to enhance on-campus learning and/or deliver distance learning by bringing their course materials, class discussions, assignments, and assessments (tests or quizzes) to the Web.

What documentation is available for Blackboard?

Student Guide to Blackboard HTML format
This is an overview on how to log in, what the URL is, how to access course documents, etc.

Student Guide to Blackboard Word Document format

What technical requirements do I need to participate in a Blackboard course?

You need to have access to the following:

  • Access to a Pentium PC running Windows 98 or higher, OR a Macintosh system 8.0 or higher
  • Access to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • An active e-mail account. (Please see http://bscinter.buffalostate.edu/student/ for information on your Buffalo State College web-based e-mail account)
  • A web browser such as Netscape (version 4.5 or higher) or Internet Explorer (version 4.5 or higher). Please note: Students have reported trouble using AOL or any other browser. It is in your best interest to use one of the recommended web browsers. Both are available for free from the Web. We do not support WebTV.

    Internet Explorer To download or upgrade to a new version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, click the image at the left. Please read all the directions from Microsoft before you begin.
    Netscape To download or upgrade to a new version of Netscape, click the image at the left. Please read all directions before downloading.

  • Software programs that may be recommended by your instructor (i.e. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel).

How can I learn how to use Blacbkboard?

There is a Blackboard orientation called Blackboard 101. All students taking a course via Blackboard will be enrolled into the orientation. It is a self paced walk through of the system. There are handy tip sheets in the Course Documents area on how to use Blackboard features and an open discussion forum located in the Communication area.

How do I log into Blackboard?

The URL for Blackboard is http://blackboard.buffalostate.edu. To access the web-enhanced portion of your course, you need a username and password. The username is the same as your Buffalo State e-mail name. If you don't know your e-mail name, see http://bscinter.buffalostate.edu/student/. Your password is the first six numbers of your social security number without any spaces or dashes.

What if I can't log into Blackboard?

If you cannot log in, or if you get an error message, try again, making sure you typed your username and password correctly.
Your username is NOT your entire e-mail address. It is only the letters and numbers BEFORE the "@" symbol.
If you still cannot log in, make sure you are enrolled in the class -- if you registered late, you may not have access by the first day. Make your professor aware of this.

NOTE: Sometimes instructors allow access to their courses by guests. Guest Access will NEVER allow you to enter the Communication or Student Tools sections of any course. Guest Access also does NOT allow you to take quizzes, tests, surveys, or participate in online discussions or chats. You will need a valid username and password to participate effectively in any web-enhanced or web-based course that uses Blackboard.

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