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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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New Hires and Promotions 2001

Biglieri, Gregg A., Lecturer, English
Berglund, Lisa, Assistant Professor, English
Bezur, Aniko, Lecturer, Art Conservation
Birden, Susan K., Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations
Cardinal, Barbara E., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
DeCinque, Gregory T., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Eggleston, Lance, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Esworthy, Barrett D., Lecturer, History and Social Studies Education
Fleming, Ricky L., Assistant Professor, Performing Arts Department
Fontaine, Sherry J., Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Forde, Timothy, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
Fulk, Mark K., Assistant Professor, English
Gorny, Anthony Peter, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Kasper Jr., Victor, Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance
Koeppel, Diane M., Professor, Art Education
Mattie, Harold D., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Menon, Rekha T., Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Miller, Barbara D., Assistant Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Olson, A.J., Assistant Professor, Art Education
Phillips, Scott W., Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Piatkowski, Nancy M., Lecturer, Anthropology
Tanyi, Scott A., Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Thorne, Stephen D., Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Ed.
Velazquoz, Maritza, Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Waddell-Sheets, Carol, Visiting Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Ed.
Wilczek, Ronald W., Lecturer, Art Education
Wood, Kathy Lynn, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading

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August, Lisa, Assistant Director, Career Development Center
Bastian, Michael D., Student Activities Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics
Bauer, Paul, Instructional Support Associate, Instructional Resources
Becker, Greta, Sr. Staff Assistant, VP Student Affairs
Booker, Allen P., Academic Advisor, Educational Opportunity Program
Brint, Daniel, Sr. Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Carpenter, Brian G., Student Activities Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics
David-Lewis, Beverly Ann, Instructional Support Assistant, Academic Support Programs
de Peralta Thorne, Gina, Health Educator, Weigel Health Center
Douglas-Brown, Michelle, Assistant Director, Equity and Diversity
Durlak, Mary A., Sr. Staff Assistant, College Relations
Foley, Marianne, Sr. Assistant Librarian, Butler Library
Ford, Brent, Equipment/Events Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics
Gallo, Ryan, Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Garrity, Andrew, Programmer/Analyst, Computing Services
Gomez, Jennifer, Staff Assistant
Graham, Mary Jo, Computing Support Services Center Coordinator, Computing Services
Handley, Ryan, Recreation/Intramural and Assistant Facilities Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
Handley, Staci L., Student Activities Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics
Herrmann, Nancy, Staff Assistant, FAST
Hicks, Ronald, Programmer/Analyst, Computing Services
Hodges, Bridget L., Instructional Support Assistant, Academic Support Services Unit
Hollister, Christopher, Instructional Support Technician, Butler Library
Jackson, Kimberly Monique, Staff Assistant, Weigel Health Center
Jacob, Debbie Lynn, Student Affairs Technical Assistant, Career Development Center
Jenkins, Yanick, Associate Director, Educational Opportunity Program
Kolarich, James E., Instructional Support Technician, Technology
Koller, Thomas, Director of Athletics for External Affairs, Intercollegiate Athletics
Kraus, William A., Dean, Enrollment Management
Kruczynski, Paul, Web Specialist, College Relations
Krygier, Molly Jane, Programmer/Analyst, Computing Services
Kyger, Elizabeth L., College Physician, Weigel Health Center
Lewis, Eugene, Track and Field Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Maldonado, Heather D., Assistant Director, Residence Life
Marcinkowski, David J., Community Relations Assistant, Computing Services
Marsha, Jeff, Director of Operations, Performing Arts Center
Martino, Carolyn, Staff Assistant, VP Academic Affairs Office
Merberg, Eileen, Director, College Orientation
Morris, Caryl, Sr. Counselor, Counseling Center
Muha, Marianne, Sr. Assistant Librarian, Butler Library
Muller, Bonnie Jean, Instructional Support Assistant, Earth Sciences and Science Ed.
Nagel, Yvonne V., Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid
Naughton Merberg, Eileen, Director, Orientation and First Year Programs
Newton, Steven, Career Counselor, Career Development Center
Orr, Susan F., Staff Associate, Student Accounts
Pustelnik, Dawn, Audience Services Manager, Performing Arts Center
Sharif, Saeed, Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Swank, Robert, Head Football Coach and External Relations Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics
Switalski, Michael, Head Coach for Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving, Intercollegiate Athletics
Szabo, Lynn, Staff Assistant, SABRE Project
Tassone, John, Assistant Director of Facilities, Intercollegiate Athletics
Viverette, Holly, Staff Assistant, Exceptional Education
Waite, Kaylene, Computer Graphics Assistant, Instructional Resources
Washington, Israel, Lead Programmer Analyst, ITEC
Washington, Sandra, Coordinator, McNair Scholars Program
Woloszyn, Aaron, Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Zilliox, Susan, Web Graphics Specialist, College Relations

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Abraham, Maria, Secretary 1, Enrollment Support and Retention Services
Agen, Arlene, Calculations Clerk 1, Student Accounts
Burks, Michael, Mover, Central Receiving
Casciano, Judith, Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Cegielski, MaryEllen, Keyboard Specialist 1, Graduate Studies and Research
Chisolm, Winston, Maintenance Helper
Cole, Lovell, Cleaner
Daniel, Diane, Cleaner
Davidson, Christopher, Maintenance Assistant
Dermody, Robert C., University Police Officer 1
Eason, Arthur, Maintenance Assistant
Fleischauer, Clark, Computer Operator, Computing Services
Floyd, Darren, Cleaner, Residence Life
Fluker, Omar, Cleaner
Galbo, Kimberly, Cleaner, Residence Life
Gregoire, Laura, Clerk 2, Payroll
Hallinan, Joan, Cleaner
Hauseknecht, Linda, Keyboard Specialist 1, Counseling Center
Hicks, Anton, Cleaner
Hill, Carol, Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Himmelsbach, Eric, Campus Public Safety Officer 1, University Police
Howard, Chelenie, Cleaner
Husband, Robert, Computer Operator, Computing Services
James, Lloyd, Cleaner
Jones, Jerrie, Keyboard Specialist 1, Educational Foundations
Kent, Scott, Cleaner
Konieczny, James, Computer Operator, Computing Services
Korta, Pat, Secretary 1, History and Social Studies
Kravitz, Linda, Keyboard Specialist 1, Human Resources (Benefits)
Mack, Dara, Keyboard Specialist 1, Graduate Studies and Research
Merlino, Joanne, Secretary 2, Vice President for Student Affairs
Lougen, Maureen, Keyboard Specialist 1, Graduate Studies and Research
Queffelec, Kelly, Keyboard Specialist 1, Purchasing
Shinners, Robert, Maintenance Assistant
Smith, Debra, Keyboard Specialist 1, Campus Services
Stoll, Kathleen, Secretary 1, President's Office
Swatling, Patricia, Calculations Clerk 1, Purchasing
Turley, Jerome, Maintenance Assistant
Wojnowicz, Sharon, Clerk 1, Butler Library
Young, Harry, Cleaner

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Basinski, Judith, Associate Vice President, Computing and Technology Services
Brown, Jerome, Staff Assistant, Payroll
Chilson, Linda, Sr. Financial Aid Advisor
Cummings, David, Director, Operational Services, Computing Services
Dabb, Melissa, Director, Academic Computing and Technical Services
Davis, Wanda, Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education
Flood, Lawrence, Dean, Natural and Social Sciences
Foster, Cheryl, Director, Administrative Computing Services
Galone, Alfred, Sr. Staff Assistant, Payroll
Gil, Hector, Student Activities Assistant Director, Student Life
Jurewicz, Michael, Instructional Support Specialist, Instructional Resources
Kent, Mark, Lead Programmer Analyst, Computing Services
Mangione, Stephen, Associate for Instructional Resources
Murphy, Carolyn, Sr. Admissions Advisor, Admissions
Reling, Wayne, Sr. Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Riter, Jayme, Staff Associate, Traffic Office
Schaus, Carole, Sr. Staff Associate, Registrar
Swisher, Joel, Director, Systems Administration, Computing Services

Arnold, Sally, Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
Durfee, William, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Ferguson, Marianne, Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Goodman, Scott, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Hamilton, Cheryl, Associate Professor, Art Education
Heiman, Gary, Professor, Psychology
Henry, Julie, Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Mercer, Peter, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Paterson, Wendy, Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Railey, Kevin, Professor, English
Ross, Richard, Associate Professor, Design
Walstrom, Ralph, Director of Writing

Backert, Michael, Maintenance Helper
Bolz, Virginia, Secretary 2, President's Office
Callahan, Lester, Maintenance Helper
Demmons, Bobby, Janitor
Fleury, Timothy, Maintenance Helper
Fortune, Kathleen, Keyboard Specialist 2, Human Resource Management
Higgins, Wendy, Secretary 1, Elementary Education and Reading
Hughes, Melvin, Janitor
Jones, Thomas, Plumber/Steamfitter
Lyons, Lynn, Secretary 1, Financial Aid Office
Macey, Charmagne, Agency Program Aide, Registrar's Office
Phillips, Sharon, Secretary 1, Intercollegiate Athletics
Stolle, Kathleen, Secretary 2, Vice President for Student Affairs 
Vandette, Catherine, Secretary 1, Technology
Vitello, Marie, Janitor, Residence Life
Yancey, Myron, Maintenance Assistant

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