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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2004

Balicki, Anthony L., Calculations Clerk 1, Student Accounts
Bishop, Suann M., Cleaner
Bunk, Jaime L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Cardarelli, Robert L., Cleaner
Hachten, Michael R., Cleaner
Hardin-Otero, Lucinda L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Haynes, David S., Cleaner
Jimerson, Stephen J., General Mechanic (roofer)
Koroncevicius, Marja, Clerk 1, Butler Library
Lindsley, Belinda, Calculations Clerk 1, Purchasing
Molenda, Catherine, Keyboard Specialist 1, Registrar
Morris, Earl W., Cleaner
Morris, Thanyania, Cleaner
Ogden, Todd R., Cleaner
Paradowski, Mary B., Calculations Clerk 1, Purchasing
Pettengill, Terry, Cleaner
Reiter, Timothy G., Cleaner
Russell, Cynthia J., Clerk 1, Campus Services
Schinaman, William, Supervising Janitor
Taylor, Mary, Clerk 1, Butler Library
Zubrzycki, Tara L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Philosophy/Communications

Faculty & Librarians
Anselmi, Lisa M., Lecturer, Anthropology
Ansuini, Thomas M., Lecturer, Health and Wellness
Benfanti, William J., Lecturer, Political Science
Blessing, Kimberly A., Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Bristol III, Fred A., Lecturer, Business
Clark, Kathleen B., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Emmi, Anthony J., Lecturer, Business
Flynn, Kathleen A., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Forrest, Lisa A., Reference Librarian
Gradwell, Jill M., Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies
Grehan, John R., Lecturer, Biology
Hall, Robert J., Lecturer, Chemistry
Hammond, Carol M., Lecturer, Art Education
Jacobson, Tamar, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Konak, Nahide, Lecturer, Sociology
Leclaire, Joelle J., Lecturer, Economics and Finance
Lindner, Maureen A., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Lord, Robert C., Lecturer, Geography and Planning
Maguire, Susan E., Lecturer, Anthropology
Markiewicz, Raymond N., Lecturer, Communication
Martin, Chad T., Lecturer, Performing Arts
Martinez-Hackert, Bettina, Lecturer, Earth Sciences and Education
McGraw, Jennifer L., Lecturer Speech-Language Pathology
Mix, Wende A., Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Pacyga, Christopher M., Lecturer, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Pankow, Sarah L., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Pinson, Barbara A., Lecturer, Communication
Rizzo, Margaret L., Lecturer, Social Work
Rossi, Jenna C., Lecturer, English
Smith, Gregory D., Assistant Professor of Conservation Science
Szockyj, Elizabeth, Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Taylor Jr., Edward F., Lecturer, English
Theobald, Paul, Woods-Beal Endowed Chair, Urban and Rural Education
Tolbert, Linda B., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Zichittella, Gail P., Lecturer, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Zysman, Bernard K., Lecturer, Chemistry

Bevacqua, Nicole L., Senior Staff Assistant, Weigel Health Center
Bogner, Marie, Visual Resources Curator, Fine Arts
Chase, Douglas J., Instructional Support Assistant, Residence Life
Ciolek, Tiffany D., Interim Events Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics
Crowder, Glenn G., Instructional Support Assistant, Butler Library, E.H.
Del Regno, Paula A., College Physician, Counseling Center
Dina, Joanne M., Instructional Support Assistant, Academic Support Programs
Dougherty, Colleen M., Director, Judicial Affairs
Erwin, Don F., Director, Divisional Technology
Feng, Jiu, Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Fernandez, Nicholi R., Instructional Support Assistant, Computing and Technology Services
Fox, Bruce A., College Photographer, Instructional Resources
Gallishaw, Falisha A., Complex Director, Residence Life
Gallishaw, Teresa, Residence Hall Director
Ganaishlal, Ricardo, Residence Hall Director
Guzman, Luis B., Instructional Support Assistant, Educational Opportunity Program
Hoot, Joseph, Programmer/Analyst (UNIX), ITEC
Jablonski, Kim M., Senior Staff Assistant, Weigel Health Center
Kane, Kate M., Instructional Support Assistant, Educational Opportunity Program
Klemann, Katherine R., Instructional Support Assistant, Computer and Technology Services
Mazon, Bradley K., Senior Staff Assistant, Institutional Advancement
Menth, Stephanie M., Instructional Support Assistant, Intercollegiate Athletics
Owsowitz, Michael A., Counselor, Counseling Center
Pavis, Carrie M., Staff Assistant, Facilities Planning
Rabener, Kevin P., Technical Assistant, Computing and Technology Services
Rao, Marcia S., Research Associate, Center for Development of Human Services
Reed Jr., Dennis J., Instructional Support Assistant, Butler Library, E.H.
Rosen-Brand, Amy, Accommodations Specialist, Office of Disability Services
Scoby, Christina L., Instructional Support Assistant, Educational Opportunity Program
Shaffner, Paul R., Head Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Sieber, Kelly, Sports Information Intern
Small, Jennifer L., Staff Assistant, Alumni Affairs
Smith, Shelly, Instructional Support Assistant, Educational Opportunity Program
Smith, Lauren A., Instructional Support Assistant, Admissions
Soukup, William E., Academic Tutor, Academic Support Programs
Stark, Mary Catherine, Admissions Assistant
Velez, Sarah, Assistant Director, Student Union
Welborn, Jason P., Technical Assistant, Computing and Technology Services
Yeoh, Meymenat S., Assistant Director, Residence Life
Zakrzewski, Tracey S., Instructional Support Assistant, ITEC

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Baumet, Robert, Foundation Accountant
Doyle, Rock, Assistant Director, Medical Systems
Filighera, Robert M., Women's Ice Hockey Coach and Asst. Facilities Manager
Fowler, James, Ice Rink Manager and Men's Hockey Coach
Grace, Lee Ann, Assistant Dean, International and Exchange Program
Johnson, Scott, Assistant Dean for First-Year Academic Programs and Academic Support
Jones, Claire, Associate Vice President, College Relations
Labruna, Celeste, Staff Assistant, Traffic Office (promoted from classified service)
Lepine, Micheline, Head of Administration, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Lewis, Eugene, Track and Field Coach and Assistant Football Coach
Lindner, Rosalyn, Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Assessment
Locher, Therese M., Director, Purchasing
Maldonado, Heather, Assistant to the Dean for Academic Standards and Intervention
Milton, Christopher, NYC Regional Representative, Admissions
Park IV, Roswell, Director, Academic Support Programs
Ramsey, Janet, Dean, University College
Thor, James, Director of College and Foundation Accounting
Velez, Daniel, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
Wells, Gail, Director, Student Life

Faculty & Librarians
Ansuini, Catherine G., Professor, Health and Wellness
Blitzer, Harriet, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Foley, Marianne, Associate Librarian
Grinberg, Ilya Y., Professor, Technology
Hakim, Musa Abdul, Associate Librarian
Koritz, Douglas, Assistant Dean for Intellectual Foundations
Marinaccio, Gail, Librarian
Maxwell, James, Professor, Business
Payne, Kenneth P., Professor, Fine Arts
Pena, Elizabeth S., Director, Art Conservation
Quigley, Lori, Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Sands-O'Connor, Karen, Associate Professor, English
Smith, Maureen A. , Professor, Exceptional Education
Tang, Tao, Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Twagilimana, Aimable, Professor, English
Zhang, Jie, Professor, Sociology
Zheng, Tingyao, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Adinolfi, Bridget, Janitor
Agen, Arlene, Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Backert, Michael, Maintenance Assistant
Callahan, Lester, Maintenance Assistant
Connolly, Jeffrey, General Mechanic, Residence Life
Duncan, Catherine, Keyboard Specialist 2, Career Development Center
Fleury, Timothy, Maintenance Assistant Mason & Plasterer
Graziano, Laurie, Secretary 1, Instructional Resources
Greil, Dawn M., Keyboard Specialist 2, Exceptional Education
Hausknecht, Linda, Secretary 1, Chemistry
Hill, Carol H., Secretary 1, Criminal Justice
Hudson, Aaron, General Mechanic
Jezioro, Karen, Calculations Clerk 2, Payroll
Kline, Amy, Agency Program Aide, Admissions
Kravitz, Linda, Secretary 1, Human Resources (Benefits)
Lougen, Maureen, Keyboard Specialist 2, Graduate Studies and Research
MacNeil, Joyce, Library Clerk 2
Mis, Paula, Administrative Aide, Accounting
Polniak, Renee, University Police Investigator 1
Rizzo, Linda L., Secretary 1, Office of Disability Services
Silverman, Jennie, Secretary 1, Fine Arts
Smith, Debra A., Secretary 1, Communication
Stadelmaier, Carol, Clerk 2, Admissions
Turnwall, John, Library Clerk 2
Weldon, Lynn, Secretary 1, English
Wojnowicz, Sharon, Clerk 2, Registrar

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Backert, Barbara, Cleaner, Campus Services
Barback, Joseph, Professor, Mathematics
Beaver, John, Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Brandy, Joseph, Coordinator, Continuing Education
Brooks, Donna, Assistant Registrar
Burdette, Charles, T.V. Production Associate, Instructional Resources
Davis, Arthur, Cleaner, Residence Life
Dubuque, Joanne, Secretary 1, Criminal Justice
Frey, Colleen, Associate Professor, Technology
Hoffman, Carol, Keyboard Specialist 1, Computing and Technology Services
Karnath, David, Associate Professor, English
LeClaire, Katherine, Cleaner, Campus Services
Mandel, Shirley, Photographer, Instructional Resources
Manuele, Donna, Keyboard Specialist 2, Exceptional Education
Martorana, Carmen, Plumber/Steamfitter, Campus Services
Palmer, Jack K., Electrician, Campus Services
Palmer, Rose, Cleaner, Residence Life
Press, Karen, Clerk 2, Registrar's Office
Schaubert, Anita, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Shaffer, Donna, Secretary 1, Communications
Sullivan, Alice, Assistant Director, Weigel Health Center
Sullivan, Patricia, Secretary 1, Health and Wellness
Swain, Dora, Janitor, Campus Services
Sylvia, James, Professor, Fine Arts
Tahk, F. Christopher, Director and Distinguished Service Professor, Art Conservation

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