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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2006

Albaneh, Yasmine S., Medical Office Assistant, Weigel Health Center
Burns, Kaitlin A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Campus Services
Carroll, Mary F., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Castleberry, Darlene J., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Chan, Cindy L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Cox, Margaret M., Cleaner, Residence Life
Ejbisz, Linda R., Keyboard Specialist 1, Counseling Center
Garcia, Lanette M., Clerk 1, Butler Library, E.H.
Everett, Brian J., Cleaner, Residence Life
Hilliard, Jennifer M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Jernigan, Mary M., Keyboard Specialist 1, The Graduate School
Kaminsky, Kristine D., Keyboard Specialist 1, Continuing Professional Studies
Mackiewicz, Lois A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Registrar
Skipper, Matthew, Supervising Janitor, Campus Services
Smith, Mary Anne, Keyboard Specialist 1, Educational Foundations
Swain, Margaret M., Keyboard Specialist 2, Physics
Taylor, Kimberly A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Student Accounts
Territo, Gloria, Clerk 1, Butler Library, E.H.
Wiggins, Charlene, Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions

Faculty & Librarians
Ali, Barish, Visiting Assistant Professor, English
Ali-Sayeed, Soghra N., Dietetics and Nutrition
Angelo, Madeline Q., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Bailey, Mary C., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Bain, Elaine M., Lecturer, Communication
Barber, Steven T., Lecturer, Communication
Bayram, Saziye, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Block, Melinda S., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Bobey, John R., Lecturer, Communication
Brinser-Day, Sherry L., Lecturer, Interior Design
Brunner, William L., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Buonanno, Laurie, Professor and Chair, Political Science
Buscher, Susan E., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Calhoun, Morgan A., Lecturer, Design
Cellitioci, Jayme M., Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Cercone, Gretchen E., Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Costello, Adrienne M., Assistant Professor, English
Cretacci, Michael A., Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Cushman, Jane C., Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Delmerico, Alan M., Lecturer, Geography and Planning
DiLandro, Daniel M., College Archivist
Dirienzo, V., Anthony, Lecturer, Writing Program
Donowick, Carly M., Ice Skating Instructor
Doyle, Thomas C., Lecturer, Music
Dueck, Jeffrey F., Lecturer, Philosophy and Humanities
Ekberg, Dean W., Lecturer, Music
Emo, Ann R., Lecturer, Theater
Eppers, Mary Jane S., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Ercan, Emine, Assistant Professor, Technology
Fletcher, Deborah, Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
Garas-York, Keli A., Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Gordon, Robert M., Coordinator, EOP Admissions
Green, Satasha L., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Hao, Xueli, Lecturer, Design
Harris, Jennifer L., Lecturer, Academic Support Programs
Harris-Tigg, Theresa A., Assistant Professor, English
Hawkins, Edwin E., Lecturer, Technology
Highland, Stephen R., Lecturer, Physics
Hilarski, Carolyn, Associate Professor, Social Work
Hirschberg, Jeffrey N., Assistant Professor, Communication
Hollas, Arleen L., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Hunter, Lisa R., Assistant Professor, Music
Janczak, Theresa M., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Kelmes, Glenda, Lecturer, Criminal Justice
King, Cheryl H., Lecturer, Music
Knowles, Marguerite E., Assistant Professor, Communication
Koprevich, M. Erin, Lecturer, Social Work
Krawczyk, Margaret E., Lecturer, Fine Arts
Kronkright, Dale P., Lecturer, Art Conservation
Kuhn, Mukti N., Lecturer, Fine Arts
Lanz, David J., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Leacock, Kathryn H., Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Luchowski, Leonard J., Lecturer, Technology
Lukowski, Anissa E., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Macho, Steve M., Assistant Professor, Technology
Mazziotti, Judith J., Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
McClarren, Craig M., Lecturer, Earth Sciences and Science Education
McGovern, Patrick J., Assistant Professor, Political Science
Miller, Kevin J., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Miller, Maria D., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Monaco, James M., Lecturer, Philosophy and Humanities
Morquecho, Gabrielle A., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Muzyk, Jacek S., Lecturer, Music
Nagel, Yvonne V., Financial Aid Advisor
Nosich, Gerald M., Visiting Professor, University College
Perez-Fuentetaja, Alicia, Associate Professor, Biology
Pfohl, Anne H., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Pitts, Matthew W., Lecturer, Communication
Rafferty, Carol Ann, Lecturer, Design
Reed-Danahay, Deborah E., Professor and Chair, Anthropology
Reilly, David L., Lecturer, Technology
Richau, David W., Lecturer, Health and Wellness
Riley, Christopher J., Lecturer, Geography and Planning
Salisbury, Katie M., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Salzler, Suzanne M., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Schnaufer, Timothy C., Lecturer, Interior Design
Schrock, Kathleen, Lecturer, Computer Information Systems
Schroeder, Susan G., Assistant Professor, English
Schwartzott, Amy, Lecturer, Fine Arts
Scott, Christine M., Lecturer, Speech-Language Pathology
Sexton, Adena F., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Shugar, Aaron N., Assistant Professor, Art Conservation
Siegel, Kristina, Lecturer, Interior Design
Sylwester, Lowell F., Lecturer, Physics
Thomason, Cynthia W., Lecturer, Hospitality and Tourism
Vanchan, Vida, Lecturer, Geography and Planning
Warner, Gerald D., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Williams, Kevin K., Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Young, Robert G., Lecturer, Sociology
Zewan, Suzanne C., Lecturer, Technology

Abbott David S., Instructional Support Specialist, Physics
Beam, Gina L., Development Associate/Grant Writer, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Benham, Brandon W., Assistant Football Coach
Burke, Robert W., Head Women's Ice Hockey Coach
Caughel, Jeffrey D., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Cloud, Lori A., Executive Secretary, President's Office
Dege, Robert C., Systems Programmer, Computing and Technology Services
Donovan, Eileen T., Long Island Representative, Admissions Office
Donowick, Carly M., Ice Skating Instructor
Dunn, James David, Senior Staff Associate, School of the Professions
Emo, Ann R., Costume Director/Shop Manager, Theater
Fancher, Cathleen M., Sports Information Assistant
Fann, Timothy, Complex Director, Residence Life
Ferguson, Kelly M., Instructional Support Assistant, Accounting Office
Gallo, Michael J., Instructional Support Assistant, Campus Services and Facilities
Gizzi, Alicia M., Program Assistant, International and Exchange Programs
Gokhale, Sangeeta V., Instructional Support Assistant, Earth Sciences and Science Ed
Gordon, Robert M., Coordinator, EOP Admissions
Graves, Michele A., Senior Staff Assistant, College and Community Partnerships
Grecco, Gary V., Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Gwan, Churchill M., Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Hossain, Imon, Computer Support Associate, Residence Life
Hurley Debra A., Assistant Design and Construction Coordinator, Facilities Planning and Institutional studies
Innus, Voldemar A., Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Services and Systems
Jimenez, Ritamarie , Coordinator of Academic Interventions, University College
Johnson, Suzanne K., Senior Counselor, Counseling Center
Johnson, Tracy P., EOP Counselor
Jones, Patricia, Academic Advisor, Academic Support Programs
Knoll, Aaron J., Web Application Developer, College Relations
Kutzbach, Chantel, Assistant Graphics Designer, College Relations
LoVullo, Michael P., Instructional Support Assistant, School of Arts and Humanities
Menshon, William J., Facilities Manager, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Metzger, Courtney A., Ice Skating Instructor
Nagel, Yvonne V., Financial Aid Advisor
Newell, Shetice, Kitchen Manager, Campus House
Norris, Mark A., Web Publications Editor, College Relations
Paine Hughes, Linda L., Nurse Practitioner, Weigel Health Center
Pereira, Meghan E.B., Instructional Technology Specialist, Instructional Resources
Petrie, Mark J., Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Ramos, Michael P., Student Employment Coordinator/Career Counselor, Career Development Center
Rivas, Reynaldo R., Cheerleading Coach
Rivera, Wendell P., Senior Counselor, Counseling Center
Robinson, Kenneth N., Admissions Assistant
Roarke, Susan M., Head Women's Basketball Coach
Rochester, Leasa, Sr. Staff Asst. for Academic Intervention and Co-Curricular Support, University College
Rosnak, Pamela, Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Roth, Matthew T., Assistant Football Coach
Sarratori, Deborah M., Nurse Practitioner, Weigel Health Center
Stergion, Peter, Computer Lab Support Coordinator
Storm-Reif, Elizabeth H., Teacher Certification Officer
Suida, Mark P., Assistant Director, Student Life
Thompson, Faith J.A., Assistant Track & Field Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Umberger, Grant L., Coordinator of Continuing Professional Studies
Weaver, Megan E., Capital Campaign Assistant, Institutional Advancement and Development
Wiegley, Janice, Staff Assistant, Payroll Office
Yurko, Amy M., Instructional Support Assistant, Parking Services Office
Zalikowski, Mark, Computer Support Associate, Residence Life
Zielinski, Rebecca P., Complex Director, Residence Life


Brint, Daniel W., Supervising Analyst for Administrative Services, Computing and Technology Services
Burnham, Sandra, Senior Admissions Advisor
Coates, Thomas E., Director, Events Management
Engelhardt, Richard B., Assistant Director, Academic Technical Services
Erwin, Don F., Associate VP for Information Services and Systems
Fleetwood, Elena E., Research Administrator, Center for Health and Social Research
Ford, Brent D., Athletics Facilities Manager
Glogowski, Maryruth E., Associate VP for Library and Instructional Technology
Jones, Gary W., Dean, School of the Professions
Jurewicz, Karen L., Events Manager, Events Management
Maloney, Gail F., Sr. Associate Director of Athletics, Sr. Woman Administrator, and Coordinator of Pre-Collegiate Programs
Marcinkowski, David J., Senior Staff Assistant, Computing and Technology Services
Newman, Jr., John C., Senior Staff Assistant, Computing and Technology Services
Notarius, Michael B., Chief Technology Officer, ITEC
Ozolins, Christian P., Assistant Coach/Recreation/Intramurals Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics
Pulliam, Ruby A., Assistant Director, Equity and Diversity
Quicksey, Holly V., Assistant to the Dean, School of Education
Rachinger, Roland S., Manager, Academic Technical Services
Radmonski, Michael J., Supervising Analyst for Systems and Telecommunication Services, Computing and Technology Services
Snyder, Erik W., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Spencer, Betty J., Supervising Analyst for Academic Services, ITEC
Suffoletta, Mary Greene, Associate Vice President, Institutional Advancement and Development
Tribble, Bernadette K., Associate Events Manager, Events Management
Velez, Daniel C., Staff Associate, Vice President for Student Affairs
Zientek, Rita M., Associate Dean, School of the Professions

Faculty & Librarians
Bagley, Kimberly A., Professor, Chemistry
Baldwin, Susan M., Assistant Professor, Health and Wellness
Banerjee, Sarbani, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Barone, Robert A., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Coffey, Dermot, Associate Professor, Physics
Friesen, Stanley K., Associate Professor, Design
Frothingham, Kelly M., Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Goldberg, Stephanie R., Professor, Technology
Hennessy, Dwight A., Associate Professor, Psychology
Hodge, Amitra A., Associate Professor, Sociology
Lazich, Michael C., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies
Lindstrom, Maureen, Associate Director for Information Commons, Butler Library, E.H.
Marinaccio, Gail, Associate Director for Technical Services, E.H. Butler Library
Miller, Barbara D., Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Nazarenko, Alexander Y., Associate Professor, Chemistry
Shelton, Allen C., Associate Professor, Sociology
Slawinska, Wanda, Associate Librarian, Butler Library, E.H.
Solar, Gary S., Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Warford, Mark K., Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages

Agen, Arlene K., Secretary 1, Student Accounts
Brucz, Dean F., Motor Equipment Mechanic
Bunk, Jaime L., Secretary 1, Finance and Management
Burns, Marcia D., Secretary 1, Modern and Classical Languages
Chisolm, Winston D., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Clark, Lawrence, Maintenance Supervisor 1
Davidson, Christopher J., General Mechanic, Residence Life
Deas, Walter P., Janitor, Campus Services
Dougherty, Julie R., Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Farrell, Suzanne M., Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Ferguson, Deborah R., Secretary 1, Equity and Diversity
Hardin-Otero, Lucinda L., Keyboard Specialist 2, Residence Life
Hughes, Helen M., Agency Program Aide, Financial Aid
Jaworski, Susan M., Library Clerk 2
Jones, Jerrie, Keyboard Specialist 2, Elementary Education and Reading
Link, Clifford E., Maintenance Assistant, Residence Life
Peacock, Brenda M., Keyboard Specialist 2, Campus Services
Winkowski, Allison F., Secretary 1, School of Education
Zubrzycki, Tara L., Secretary 1, School of the Professions

Behm, Barbara A., Supervising Janitor
Blackmore, Mark R., General Mechanic, Campus Services and Facilities
Fearon, Lorna A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Finnegan, Daphne A., Associate Professor, Theater
Gilmore, Rose R., Nurse 1, Weigel Health Center
Gruber-Foley, Jacqueline, Cleaner, Custodial Services
Kennedy, Ellen T., Associate Professor, Social Work
Kisinski, Carol A., Secretary 1, Student Accounts
Lampe, David E., Professor, English
Lancaster, Patricia J., Keyboard Specialist 1, Student Accounts
Landreville, Sarepta M., Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Levy, Lenore J., Student Teaching Coordinator, Elementary Education and Reading
Lord, Marjorie, Reference Librarian
Lysarz-Fiorella, Gerri M., Secretary 2, Physics/Earth Science and Science Education
McCarthy, James H., Deputy Chief, University Police
Miller, Christine, College Accountant
Miller, Kathleen A., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Mitchell, Donald D., Professor, Anthropology
Montague, John S., Professor, Technology and Director, Maritime Center
Naeher, Carl H., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Nash, Jill, Professor, Anthropology
Plewniak, Elizabeth A., Library Clerk 2
Raico, Ralph J., Professor, History and Social Studies
Raoof, Abdul H., Professor, Political Science
Rotella, James D., Professor, Educational Foundations
Slavenas, Julius P., Professor, History and Social Studies
Smaszcz, Anthony J., Calculations Clerk 1, Student Accounts
Waskow, Janet J.,  Secretary 1, School of Arts and Humanities
Young, Harry, Cleaner, Custodial Services

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