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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2007

Adams, Ryan R., University Police Officer 1
Bennett, Lynn K., Keyboard Specialist 2, Exceptional Education
Black, Brian K., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Bollenbach, Caitlyn E., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Bridges, Jr., John E., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Burdick, Paul J., Cleaner, Residence Life
Burnett, George T., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Butcher, Mark B., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Caldwell, Martha E., Cleaner, Residence Life
Carias, Kelly L., Calculations Clerk 2, Financial Aid
Chambers, Andrew, Clerk 1, E.H. Butler Library
Chislett, Susan M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Codick, Mary E., Keyboard Specialist 1, Financial Aid
Coleman, Ralph E., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Conde, Alvaro J., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Couell, Catherine L., Keyboard Specialist 2, Career Development Center
Donhauser, Patricia G., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Doyle, Donna M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Purchasing
Echevarria, Abi J., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Ervolina, Anthony, Plant Utilities Engineer 1, Campus Services
Ethridge, Angela R., Keyboard Specialist 2, Residence Life
Ferris, Patricia L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Flanigan, Sandra J., Keyboard Specialist 2, Registrar
Frazier, Pamela M., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Harvey, Raven M., University Police Officer 1
Hessel, Amy E., Clerk 1, E.H. Butler Library
Higgins, Jr., Bernard E., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Holden, Susan R., Nurse, Weigel Health Center
Hughes, Samantha R., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Illuzzi, MaryJo A., Keyboard Specialist 1, The Graduate School
Klos, Stephen P., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Lambalzer, Linda A., Secretary 1, University College
Mansour, Angelina M., Cleaner, Custodial Services
McKnight, Susan E., Keyboard Specialist 1, The Graduate School
Ortiz, Carlos R., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Parks Sr., Kenneth J., Laborer, Campus Services
Paszkiewicz, Joseph E., University Police Officer 1
Pitts, Tasha M., Secretary 1, Equity and Diversity
Powell, Suzanne M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Rado, Michael D., University Police Officer 1
Reusch, Penny A., Clerk 1, Purchasing
Rodenhaus, Bernice J., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Schmidt, Elizabeth M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Admissions
Swaggard, Diane M., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Terrana, Lynne C., Secretary 1, Career Development Center
Tranter, Susanne, Keyboard Specialist 2, Residence Life
Valentin, Aurora, Medical Office Assistant, Weigel Health Center
White, Yolanda Y., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Wick, Linda L., Keyboard Specialist 2, The Graduate School
Williams, Patricia L., Calculations Clerk 1, Student Accounts
Wurl, Cynthia, Nurse 1, Weigel Health Center

Faculty & Librarians
Adams, Christopher M., Lecturer, Psychology
Aiello, Jennifer P., Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Aubin, Isabelle, Lecturer, Music
Aumer, William M., Lecturer, Design
Ayad, Irene E., Lecturer, Fine Arts
Baumgartner, Michael E., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Bayer, Marc D., Information Systems Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Beahm, Derek L., Lecturer, Biology
Beebe, Corrine L., Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Blair, George, Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Boehm, Catherine M., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Bolden, Pastsora A., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Brachmann, Kathleen, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Brenon, Jane, Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Brinkworth, Paul J., Lecturer, Interior Design
Carello, Janice, Lecturer, Writing Program
Caruso, Leah M., Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Chaas, Eugene P., Lecturer, Economics and Finance
Chang, Julia, Lecturer, Interior Design
Chesteron, Bridget, Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies
Cinquino, David, Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Cirpili, Dena, Lecturer, Art Conservation
Cooper, Joseph S., Lecturer, Writing Program
Cox, Erin M., Lecturer, Interior Design
Cretacci, Nancy, Lecturer, Chemistry
Cully, Laurie, Lecturer, Exceptional Education
D'Angelo, Jill M., Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Del Prado Hill, Pixita, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Delecki-Earns, Bethany A., Lecturer, Mathematics
Delp, Kelly A., Assistant Professor, Mathematics
DeSio, Amanda R., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
DiMarzio, Mary P., Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
DiRienzo, Anthony, Lecturer, Writing Program
Dobies, Eric M., Lecturer, History and Social Studies
Dolce, Karen, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Donelli, Shevaun, Lecturer, Writing Program
Eggler-Gerozissis, Marianne E., Lecturer, Design
Elbeck, Nancy J., Lecturer, Music
Eldridge, Lori E., Lecturer, Anthropology
Emhof, Kathleen, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Eurenius, Kirsten, Lecturer, Chemistry
Flanagan, Catherine, Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Ford, Sarah, Lecturer, Sociology
French, Elisabeth, Lecturer, Political Science
Gibson, Gloria A., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Gibson, Heather, Lecturer, Speech-Language Pathology
Gomez, Luanna, Assistant Professor, Physics
Gray, Jennifer E., Lecturer, Sociology
Grinnell, Jason D., Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
Guo, Ruth, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Habes, Erin, Lecturer, Technology
Handwerk, Janet, Lecturer, Technology
Hart, Kimberly L., Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Heintz, Michael, Lecturer, Biology
Helm, William C., Lecturer, Interior Design
Hoeg, Rolf, Lecturer, Design
Holmgren, Camille, Assistant Professor, Geography and Planning
Hunt, Jennifer S., Associate Professor, Psychology
Jo, Tae-Hee, Lecturer, Economics and Finance
Johnson, Doroteia, Lecturer, Design
Jones, Carlos R.A., Lecturer, Theater
Karatayev, Alexander, Director, Great Lakes Center
Kean, Nancy S., Lecturer, Social Work
Keller, William R., Lecturer, Technology
Kersch, Paola, Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Kim, Seunghun, Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism
Kline, Kimberly, Assistant Professor, Student Personnel Administration
Krieg, Eric J., Associate Professor, Sociology
Lai, Christine A., Assistant Professor, Business
Lakamp, Patrick A., Lecturer, Communication
Lange, Catherine, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Lesniewski, Joseph E., Lecturer, Technology
Liberatore, Albert J., Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Lindner, Jonathan F., Lecturer, Health and Wellness
Loncke, Helene, Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Lucas, Amanda L., Lecturer, Criminal Justice
Magnini, Meredith M., Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Maguire, Susan E., Lecturer, Anthropology
Martin, Jeffrey S., Lecturer, Communication
McBride, Mark F., Information Commons Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
McCartan, Kimberly M., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Mihlrad, Leigh M., Information Systems Librarian
Navarre, Evelyn, Lecturer, Writing Program
Nicely, Tiffany, Lecturer, Music
Norman, York, Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies
O'Dell, Robin Sue, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Ortiz, Luanna S., Assistant Professor, Physics
Owens, Richard, Lecturer, Writing Program
Oyler, Diane, Lecturer, Political Science
Pickering, Jill A., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Potts, Daniel, Assistant Professor, Biology
Quaye, Abass, Lecturer, Mathematics
Rafferty, Lisa, Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Rai, Ram C., Assistant Professor, Physics
Reichmuth, Heather J., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Rindfuss Ellis, Deborah, Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Rine, Christine, Lecturer, Social Work
Rodriguez, Ivan, Lecturer, Theater
Schanufer, Timothy, Lecturer, Interior Design
Schmitter, Donald, Lecturer, Hospitality and Tourism
Schuster, David P., Lecturer, Chemistry
Schweitzer, Shannon T., Assistant Professor, Theater
Selkowitz, Robert, Lecturer, Physics
Sherman, Barbara, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Shiroki, Kathy G., Lecturer, Art Education
Siciliano, Paul L., Lecturer, Technology
Spence, Shane, Lecturer, Dietetics and Nutrition
Spong, Krisztina, Lecturer, Chemistry
Strong, John, Lecturer, Chemistry
Sullivan, John, Lecturer, Political Science
Symons, Dana, Assistant Professor, English
Szczepanik, Maria, Lecturer, Theater
Szymanek, Angeline, Lecturer, Fine Arts
Tabone, Jamie, Lecturer, Art Education
Taylor, Linda, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Thompson, Jean, Lecturer, Philosophy and Humanities
Todd, Mary M., Accreditation Coordinate/NCATE, School of Education
Treible, Jonathan L.W., Lecturer, Psychology
Wayne, Mary Beth, Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Webb, Amy, Lecturer, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Weber, Mark, Lecturer, Writing Program
White, William L., Assistant Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Woolverton, Diane, Lecturer, Writing Program
Yurkewicz, Rosemary J., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Zogaib, Norman, Lecturer, Music

Allen, Ashley S., Assistant for Mandated Programs, Weigel Health Center
Astran, Anthony, Publications Staff Writer, College Relations
Bair, Susanne P., Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Benfanti, William J., Associate Vice President for Government Relations, Institutional Advancement
Bleech, John P., Environmental Programs Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
Benzin, Todd R., Classroom Technology Supervisor, Instructional Resources
Briggs, Kara M., Senior Editor and Co-Director, Communication
Burton, Edward L., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Calvin, Theresa A., Senior Staff Assistant, Continuing Professional Studies
Camesano, Phyllis, Chief Public and Media Relations Officer, College Relations
Chambers, Andrew B., Application Support/Training Desk Supervisor, E.H. Butler Library
Christy, Benjamin C., Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Curtis, Michelle R., Complex Director, Residence Life
Dahlgren, Jerod T., Public Relations Staff Writer, College Relations
Eckel, Heidi E., Instructional Support Assistant, School of Education
Ehlert, Gary W., Special Assistant to Provost for Program Enhancement
Furtney, Dorothy, Assistant to the President for Communications
Graves, Michele A., Partnership Associate, College and Community Partnerships
Gwitt, Thomas J., Secretary to the President, President's Office
Heflin, Michael A., Associate Director, Residence Life
Heflin, Tami R., Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program
Horstman-Riphahn, Tamara H., Executive Assistant to the Dean, School of Education
Jones, Barbara D., Administrative Assistant, Accounting (new to State service)
Krupp, Carolynn J., Project Management Assistant, Information Services and Systems
LaFalce, David M., VSLC Assistant, Career Development Center
Lewis, Lynette D., Instructional Support Assistant, Teacher Certification Office
Marsowicz III, Thaddeus J., Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Mead-Colegrove, Robert W., Director, Orientation and New Student Programs
Minor, Janelle, Complex Director, Residence Life
Montroy, Rada, Y., Technical Support Specialist, Computing and Technology Services
Morford, Todd O., Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Nichter, Peter J., Programmer/Analyst (UNIX), ITEC
Parana, Christopher J., Technical Assistant, Computing and Technology Services
Pembleton, Donald L., Health Educator, Weigel Health Center
Petrunyak, Amy M., Clinical Supervisor, Speech-Language Pathology
Roach, Marilyn A., Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center
Rodriquez, Gay M., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Rogers, Lynn M., Student Employment Coordinator, Career Development Center
Ross, Jordan C., Complex Director, Residence Life
Sager, Timothy P., Instructional Support Assistant, Instructional Resources
Siepierski, Dennis J., Assessment/Data Manager, School of Education
Tanner, David M., Chief Operating Officer, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Tillman, Jr., Arthur J., Fire and Life Safety Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety
Towsky, Jessica, Counselor, Counseling Center
Wallace, William A., Programmer/Analyst (UNIX), ITEC
Warnes, Jamie E., Human Resource Assistant, Human Resource Management
Wayer, Tina M., Associate Registrar, Registrar's Office
Yankelunas, Robert A., Construction Site Representative, Facilities Planning/Institutional Studies
Zhang, Shiwei, Assistant Manager, Networking and Communications, Computing and Technology Services


Ball, Joseph W., Associate Director, Campus Services
Ballachino, Salvatore S., Head Athletics Trainer, Intercollegiate Athletics
Baumet, Robert L., Foundation Accountant, Accounting
Carey, Peter M., Deputy Chief of Police
Clutter, Luke L., Lead Programmer/Analyst (UNIX), ITEC
Collins, Leon, Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Faust, Gregory E., Technical Theater Director/Production Manager
Feng, Jiu, Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Hebert, Paul J., Senior Programmer/Analyst (DBA), ITEC
Herr, Daniel R., Engineering Manager, Facilities Planning
Hoot, Joseph R., Lead Programmer/Analyst (UNIX), ITEC
Kawaler, Lydia, Manager, HR Information Systems and Personnel Operations
Killian, Thomas D., Interim Director, Operational Services, Computing and Technology Services
Kravitz, Linda L., Benefits Assistant, Human Resource Management
Krieger, Lisa, Capital Projects Assistant to the VP, Finance and Management VP Office
Lizak, Andrea L., Associate Director and Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center
Lombardo, John, Assistant Chief of Police
McKnight, Jeannita F., Employee Benefits Administrator, Human Resource Management
Mercuri, Diane E., Staff Assistant, Center for Excellence in Rural and Urban Education
Mis, Paula J., Assistant to the Director, Accounting
Norris, Mark A., Associate Director, Web Administration, College Relations
Ozolins, Christian, Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Paschke, Nancy, Associate Director, College Relations
Quigley, Lori V., Associate Dean, School of Education
Railey, Kevin, Associate Provost and Dean, The Graduate School
Reed, Carol, Academic Support Assistant, Academic Support Programs
Reed, Jr., Dennis J., Webmaster/Library Communication Specialist, E.H. Butler Library
Rellinger, John J., Advancement Services Manager, Institutional Advancement and Development
Sanger, Kerran L., Associate Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Snyder, Erik W., Senior Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Tracz, Michael J., Senior Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Velez, Sarah M., Associate Director, Student Life
Voyer, Pamela M., Director, Special Events and Protocol, Institutional Advancement and Development
Waite, Kaylene D., Computer Graphics Specialist, Instructional Resources
Washington, Israel J., Senior Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Welborn, Jason P., Asst. Manager, Computing Help Desk, Computing and Technology Services
Zymowski, Raymond E., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC

Faculty & Librarians
DiPirro, Jean, Associate Professor, Psychology
Fleming, Ricky L., Associate Professor, Music
Friedland, Ellen S., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Gorny, Anthonypeter, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Kasper Jr., Victor, Associate Professor, Economics and Finance
Muha, Marianne, Associate Librarian
Niman, Michael I., Associate Professor, Communication
Postero, Terry A., Professor, Interior Design
Riessen, Howard P., Professor, Biology
Schmidt, Raquel J., Associate Professor, Exceptional Education
Schuetze-Pizarro, Pamela, Professor, Psychology
Scott, Christine M., Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
Standora, Edward A., Professor, Biology
Thompson, John T., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Vermette, Stephen J., Professor, Geography and Planning
Wilson, David C., Associate Professor, Mathematics

Carroll, Mary F., Clerk 2, Admissions
Cegielski, Mary Ellen, Secretary 1, School of the Professions
Cole, Lovell T., Maintenance Helper, Campus Services
Coleman, Lisa L., Secretary 1, Human Resources/Benefits
Eagan, Arlene E., Maintenance Helper, Campus Services
Einhiple, Thomas E., University Police Investigator 1
Galbo, Jr., Gary J., Maintenance Assistant, Residence Life
Giczkowski, Karen L., Secretary 2, Finance and Management, VP Office
Hallinan, Joan D., Calculations Clerk 1, Student Accounts
Hardin-Otero, Lucinda L., Secretary 1, University College
LaValley, Carl, Clerk 1, E.H. Butler Library
Lougen, Maureen, Secretary 1, English
Lyndsley, Belinda S., Calculations Clerk 2, Purchasing
Moreland, Willard, University Police Officer 2
Palmer, Robert J.,  Maintenance Helper, Campus Services
Russell, Cynthia J., Stores Clerk 2, Campus Services
Smith, Maxine, Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Stadelmaier, Carol A., Agency Program Aide, Comptroller's Office
Swain, Margaret M., Secretary 1, Physics
Vasi, Michael J., Maintenance Helper, Campus Services

Beery, Dwayne A., Associate Professor, Physics
Bookhagen, Diana, Cleaner, Custodial Services
Bozek, Gloria J., Calculations Clerk 2, Accounting
Burns, Cheryl L., Senior Staff Assistant, International and Exchange Program
Clark, Sandra J., Secretary 2, Finance and Management, VP Office
Converse, David T., Associate Professor, Educational Foundations
Cummings, David L., Director, Operational Services, Computing and Technology Services
Cyganik, RoseMarie, Calculations Clerk 2, Payroll Office
Girdlestone, Charles J., Stores Clerk 2, Central Receiving
Gleckel, Linda K., Interim Associate Dean, School of Education
Hardoby, Gay E., Manager, Professional Employment, Human Resource Management
Hooley, Michael J., University Police Officer 1
Howe, Frederick C., Professor, Educational Foundations
Ilecki, Diana J., Sr. Mail and Supply Clerk, Mailroom
Klodzinski, Deborah A., Secretary 2, University Police
Knuth, E. Carole, Professor, English
Koscielniak, Edwin B., Facilities Program Coordinator, Facilities Planning
Kowsky, Francis R., Distinguished Professor, Fine Arts
Kuzma, Barbara J., Agency Program Aide, Comptroller's Office
Link, Clifford E., Maintenance Assistant, Residence Life
Marino, Eileen L., Employee Benefits Administrator
Mazurek, Janice D., Secretary 1, Geography and Planning
McKee, Eliane, Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Miller, Judith A., Associate Registrar
Nance, Marilyn L., University Police Officer 1
North, Margaret A., Calculations Clerk 2, Purchasing
Penalosa, Javier, Associate Professor, Biology
Pulka, Janet C., Secretary 1, Psychology
Ratkowski, Alex J., Associate Professor, Economics and Finance
Rease, Patricia, Secretary 1, Career Development Center
Reigstad, Thomas J., Professor, English
Rothenberger, Lowell R., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Salvamoser, Diane E., Secretary 1, Art Education
Schmidt, Douglas P., Janitor, Custodial Services
Senker, Rosemarie, Secretary 1, Academic Advisement Center
Sowiski, Peter J., Professor, Fine Arts
Terreri, Nancy, Secretary 1, Dean of Students
Whitaker, W. Richard, Professor, Communications
Wisniewski, Roger R., Chief of University Police
Zolnowski, Sharon, Secretary 1, Great Lakes Center
Zulawski, Marcy Ann, Administrative Data Specialist, Computing and Technology Services

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