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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2008

Anderson, Beverly, Cleaner, Campus Services
Bak, Jane M., Secretary 1, Continuing Professional Studies
Calderon, Carlos J., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Cintron, Iris N., Keyboard Specialist 2, Exceptional Education
Coogan, Kathleen M., Keyboard Specialist 2, Residence Life
Cook, Bernard, Cleaner, Custodial Services
Crocker, Craig R., Cleaner, Campus Services
Dake, David A., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Dickinson, Susan, Keyboard Specialist 1, Campus Services
Ductor, Christine L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Favors, Brandon L., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Fire, Tony, Refrigeration Mechanic, Campus Services
Fleming, Matthew C., University Police Officer 1
Frezza, Robert A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Gallivan, James T., Cleaner, Campus Services
Guas, Jose M., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Helling, Edward A., University Police Officer 1
Hudson, Robert J., Keyboard Specialist 1, Academic Support Programs
Johnson, Mary Jane, Clerk 1, E.H. Butler Library
Lysiak, Kathleen M., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Monkelbaan, Cynthia M., Secretary 1, School of Education
Myers, Richard F., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Pagano, Paulette M., Secretary 1, Finance and Management VP Office
Skoney, Karen A., Secretary 1, Psychology
Smith, Dawne M., Secretary 1, Career Development Center

Faculty & Librarians
Abromeit, John, Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies
Baek, Kyeonghi, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Ben-Merre, David N., Assistant Professor, English
Campbell, Craig A., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Chinquee, Kim, Assistant Professor, English
Cole, Julian, Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
DeNysschen, Carol A., Assistant Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition
Dewit-Paul, Alissa D., Assistant Professor, Interior Design
Emo, Ann, Assistant Professor, Theater
Fish, Reva M., Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations
Fisher, Bruce L., Visiting Professor/Dir., Center for Economics and Policy Studies
Foraker, Stephani M., Assistant Professor, Psychology
Franczyk, Annemarie, Assistant Professor, Communication
Furby, Victoria J., Assistant Professor, Music
Gage, Frances, Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Hickman, Michelle A., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Hinderliter, Sarah Beth, Lecturer, Fine Arts
Huang, Chen Chen, Assistant Professor, Hospitality and Tourism
Jones, Carlos R.A., Assistant Professor, Theater
Keegan, Candace P., Assistant Professor, Art Education
Kim, Sunhwa, Assistant Professor, Design
Liao, Hsiang-Ann, Assistant Professor, Communication
Lourenco, Elena M., Assistant Professor, Fine Arts
Newmahr, Staci D., Assistant Professor, Sociology
Oh, Keunyoung, Assistant Professor, Technology
Orosz, Kenneth J., Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies
Perez, Lorna L., Assistant Professor, English
Price, Joseph P., Associate Professor, Theater
Qian, Xingwang, Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance
Rafferty, Lisa A., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Ramos Zagarrigo, Awilda, Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Roehm, Charlotte L., Research Scientist (Assistant Professor), Geography and Planning
Romosz, Ann M., Lecturer, Educational Foundations
Sabato, Jude S., Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Smith, Jeffrey D., Assistant Professor, Creative Studies
Sobol, James J., Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Vials, Christopher R., Assistant Professor, English
Welch, Myrtle I., Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Wieczkowski, Julie A., Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Wolf, Mary M., Lecturer, Art Education

Alessandrello, Jon M., Programmer/Analyst (UNIX), ITEC
Alhobabi, Ali A., Desktop Systems Technician, Computing and Technology Services
Armbruster, Jane A., Associate Vice President for Development, Institutional Advancement
Beck, Meredith, Senior Counselor, Counseling Center
Benson, Elizabeth M., Assistant to the Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Brown, Deepa, Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Cali, Christine A., Director, Special Programs
Chambers, Andrew, Application Support/Training Desk Supervisor, E.H. Butler Library
Clapsadl, Mark D., Field Station Manager, Great Lakes Center
Coe, Jessica L., Admissions Counselor, Admissions
Conners-Wilkins, Renee E., Transfer and Articulation Advisor, Admissions
Constantino, Krista, Guest Services Manager, Campus House
Deneka, Amy M., Residence Hall Director, Residence Life
Fire, Erica S., Costume Director/Shop Manager, Theater
Horstman-Riphahn, Tamara, Executive Assistant to the Dean, School of Education
Link, Rachel E., Data Research Analyst, Institutional Advancement and Development
Lliguicota, Francesco, Web Technologies Specialist, Computing and Technology Services
Marczynski, Kelly S., Asst. Director / Sr. Research Scientist, Center for Health and Social Research
Mazella, Kelly A., Staff Assistant, Alumni Affairs
Neeson, Kathryn C., Development Assistant/Fundraising Events, Institutional Advancement
Nichols, Julie, Nurse Practitioner, Weigel Health Center
Nicholson, Lea A., Senior Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid
Noce, Louis, Annual Fund Officer, Institutional Advancement
Ortolano, Julie A., Programmer/Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Phillips, Toni, Residential Student and Social Services Coord., Residence Life
Ptak, Jeanne M., Asst. Director, Residence Life Student Staff Development, Residence Life
Roach, Marilyn, Business Advisor, Small Business Development Center
Schlifke, Shawn T., Senior Major Gifts/Planned Gifts Officer, Institutional Advancement
Severson, Mark W., Dean, School of Natural and Social Sciences
Sholtz, Todd A., Network Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Smith-Poloncarz, Elizabeth A., Assistant to the President for Communications
Stern, Trudy, Nurse Practitioner, Weigel Health Center
Towsky, Jessica, Senior Counselor, Counseling Center
Vukman, Christine M., Financial Aid Assistant, Financial Aid Office
Walsh, Timothy J., Associate Vice President, College Relations
Zagarella-Behrens, Josephine, Program Assistant, International and Exchange Programs


Akin-Deko, Modupe, Associate Director / Clinical Coordinator, Counseling Center
Basiliko, Caleb P., Research Fleet Manager and Ships Captain, Great Lakes Center
Baumet, Robert L., Director of College Accounts Payable and Foundation Accounting
Blachaniec, Daniel S., Assistant Director, Systems Administration, Computing and Technology Services
Brace, Kelly S., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Brown, Ann R., Assistant Vice President, College Relations
Carey, Peter M., Chief of Police, University Police
Erwin, Don F., Senior Associate Vice President, Information Services and Systems
Ferguson, Kelly M., Director of IFR Account and Recharge Services, Accounting
Fernandez, Nicholi R., Sr. Desktop Systems Technician, Computing and Technology Services
Finger, Mary C., Admissions Advisor
Gathers, Khaleel M., Assistant Director, Web Technologies, Computing and Technology Services
Heflin, Tami R., Senior Academic Advisor, Educational Opportunity Program
Jablonski, Kim M., Assistant Director for Mandated Programs, Weigel Health Center
Killian, Thomas, Director, Networking and Operational Svcs., Computing and Technology Services
Moses, Marsha L., Assistant to the Dean, The Graduate School
Nagel, Yvonne V., Senior Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid
Sanger, Kerran L., Associate Dean, School of Arts & Humanities
Thor, James A., Associate Vice President and Comptroller
Yates, Loraine L., Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officer, Institutional Advancement

Faculty & Librarians

Armfield, Felix L., Professor, History and Social Studies
Bergslien, Elisa T., Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Blessing, Kimberly A., Associate Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
Brimkov, Valentin E., Professor, Mathematics
Davis, Wanda, Professor, Student Personnel Administration
Ercan, Emine, Associate Professor, Technology
Insalaco, Deborah M., Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
Kahn, Andrew J., Professor, Theater
Marren, Joseph J., Associate Professor, Communication
Mazur, Neal M., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
McFarland, S. Diane, Associate Professor, Business
Miller, Kevin J., Associate Professor, Exceptional Education
Raffel, William E., Associate Professor, Communication
Truesdell, Kim S., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Wood, Kathy L., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Wood, Kathy L., Director, Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education
Zawicki, Joseph L., Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education

Bennett, Lynn K., Secretary 1, Communications/Philosophy and Humanities
Daggers, Marc S., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Davidson, Christopher J., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Duncan, Catherine A., Secretary 1, Admissions
Ethridge, Angela R., Secretary 1, E.H. Butler Library
Graziano, Laurie M., Secretary 2, President's Office
Guas, Jose M., Electrician, Campus Services
Henning, Carol A., Library Clerk 2, E.H. Butler Library
Jarosz, Luanne M., Housekeeper, Custodial Services
Johnson, Deborah K., Janitor, Custodial Services
Jones, Jerrie, Secretary 1, Sociology
Kaminsky, Kristine D., Calculations Clerk 2, Financial Aid Office
Laudico, Thomas, Maintenance Supervisor 1, Residence Life
Mazur, Joseph A., Secretary 1, Communications/Philosophy and Humanities
Montague, Andrea B., Supervising Housekeeper, Residence Life
Myers, Michael W., University Police Officer 2
Root, David L., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Sadkowski, Darlene J., Secretary 1, Academic Support Programs
Wick, Linda L., Secretary 1, Graduate School

Agen, Donald M., University Police Investigator I
Babcock, Kathleen M., Secretary 1, E.H. Butler Library
Baker-Stein, Maurine E., Staff Associate, Instructional Resources
Birdd, Donald L., Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Bolz, Virginia C., Secretary 2, President's Office
Bondurant-Utz, Judith A., Professor, Exceptional Education
Fraser, Gordon S., Professor, Geography and Planning
Ganley, Janet H., Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Graziplene, Leonard R., Professor, Business
Guercio, Joseph R., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Hoffman, Melvin J., Professor, English
Hoffman, Warren J., Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Howard, Debra B., Secretary 1, Sociology
Joniak, Andrew J., Associate Professor, Business
King, Eunice L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Financial Aid
LaForce, Peter J., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Lepine, Micheline P., Head of Administration, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Littlefield, Mark G., Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Mack, John E., Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
MacNeil, Joyce E., Library Clerk 2, E.H. Butler Library
Massey, Kirk J., University Police Officer 1
McCarthy, Dennis M., Associate Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
McCarthy, Donna E., Professor, Theater
Neeson, Patricia, Administrative Aide, Computing and Technology Services
Palermo, James L., Professor, Educational Foundations
Phelps, Stephen F., Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Phillips, Gary J., Associate VP and Comptroller
Poremba, Shirley G., Supervising Housekeeper, Residence Life
Ramsey, Janet E., Dean, University College
Schwartz, Lucy M., Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Sheehan, Dennis J., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Spencer, Judith L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Computing and Technology Services
Suffoletta (Greene), Mary E., Director, Major Gifts/Planned Giving, Institutional Advancement
Thompson, Phyllis I., Assistant Professor, Art Education
Wegenast, David P., Professor, Social Work
Wickland, Wendel B., Director, Special Programs

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