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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2010

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Bellanti, Karen F., Keyboard Specialist 1, Registrar's Office
Biber, Marcia O., Keyboard Specialist 1, Procurement Services
Brown, Michael A., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Cloen, William R., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Evans, Jeffery M., Plant Utilities Assistant, Campus Services
Giroux, Dawn M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Kozlowski, Kim L., Clerk 1, E.H. Butler Library
Lysiak, David S., Clerk 1, E.H. Butler Library
Mays, Terrence J., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Minotti, Sal D., Plant Utilities Assistant, Campus Services
Phillips, Gail M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Registrar's Office
Poole, Reginald S., Cleaner, Residence Life
Roetzer, Ryan M., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Skoney, Douglas M., Plant Utilities Assistant, Campus Services
Sniegowski, Joyce C., Clerk 1, Campus Services
Sumers, Rita L., Nurse 1, Weigel Health Center
Sypniewski, Marcia S., Calculations Clerk 1, Accounts Payable and Travel Services
Virgilio, Donald S., Plant Utilities Assistant, Campus Services
Weiss, James C., Plant Utilities Assistant, Campus Services

Faculty and Librarians
Bae, Michelle S., Assistant Professor, Art Education
Boorady, Lynn M., Associate Professor, Technology
Hunter, Jevon D., Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Johnson, Darien O., Assistant Professor, Design
Klenk, Laura J., Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Ogle, Philip B., Chair and Professor, Fine Arts
Ravines, Patrick C., Director and Associate Professor, Art Conservation
Rodeheaver, Misty D., Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Rogge, Corina E., Andrew W. Mellon Professorship of Conservation Science, Art Conservation
Westover, Jennifer M., Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education
Yacobucci, Peter R., Assistant Professor, Political Science
Zhang, Jing, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading

Beard, Landrum W., Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs
Bonfante, Michael V., Facilities Project Manager, Facilities Planning
Chille, Ralph A., Project Manager, ITEC
Chmielewicz, Kim M., Documentation Specialist, ITEC
Connors, Sean F., Distance Learning/Continuing Education Coordinator, Continuing Professional Studies
Dubenion, Brian D., Complex Director, Residence Life
Dwyer, Mary E., Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Institutional Advancement
Fox, Elea M., Major Gift Officer, Institutional Advancement
Glassman, Christa J., Project Manager, ITEC
Harris, Richard A., Assistant Director of Student Life for Commuting/Minority Student Services, Student Life
Heisey, Jennifer L., Director, Alumni Affairs
Jackson, Jennifer D., Instructional Support Associate, Biology
Jordan, Rashaan M., EOP Coordinator, Admissions
Kantz, Brian C., Director of Publications, College Relations
Kiel, Margaret R., Nurse Practitioner, Weigel Health Center
Malinowski, John B., Production Manager, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Mogavero, Emalyn R., Gift Entry and Acknowledgement Specialist, Institutional Advancement
Morrison-Fronckowiak, Lisa T., Director, Disability Services
Olsen, Steven W., Assistant to the Comptroller for Procurement Services
Poplewski, Teresa M., Assistant to the Director, IFR and Recharge Accounting
Santiamo, Gina M., Senior Staff Assistant, Student Accounts
Seifert, Tracy L., Financial Aid Assistant, Financial Aid
Silverheels, Sumana, Technology Accommodations Coordinator, Disability Services
Stewart, Jellema, Complex Director, Residence Life
Vecchione, Philip J., Project Manager, ITEC

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Chambers, Andrew B., Information Commons Technology Administrator, E.H. Butler Library
Dahlgren, Jerod T., Public Relations Associate Director and Daily Bulletin Editor, College Relations
Donati, Lynda H., Art Director, College Relations
Eagan, Jessica L., Admissions Advisor, Admissions
Kendzierski, Maria L., Admissions Advisor, Admissions
Kenyon, Melaine, Director of Instructional Technology, Instructional Resources
Maldonado, Heather, Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Standards, University College
Montroy, Rada, Information Support Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Morris-Hunt, Carolyn A., Chief Operating Officer, Burchfield Penney Art Center
Murphy, Carolyn M., Assistant Director, Admissions
Nichter, Peter J., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Notarius, Michael B., ITEC Chief Information Officer, ITEC
Pereira, Meghan E.B., Senior Instructional Designer, Instructional Resources
Robinson, Kenneth N., Admissions Advisor, Admissions
Rogers, Lynn M., Student Employment Coordinator/Senior Career Counselor, Career Development Center
Zagarella-Behrens, Josephine, Assistant Director, International and Exchange Programs

Faculty & Librarians

Anselmi, Lisa M., Associate Professor, Anthropology
Budin, Shannon E., Associate Professor, Exceptional Education
Carbonara, Joaquin O., Professor, Mathematics
Cretacci, Michael A., Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Cunningham, Daniel W., Professor, Mathematics
Draeger, John D., Associate Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
Gellin, Slade, Professor, Technology
Ghosh, Chaitali, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Gradwell, Jill M., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies
Hirschberg, Jeffrey N., Associate Professor, Communication/Theater/English
LeClaire, Joelle J., Associate Professor, Economics and Finance
Mayrose, James J., Associate Professor, Technology
McMillen, Susan E., Professor, Mathematics
Nahabetian, Tara J., Associate Professor, Design
Nicholls, Andrew D., Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Pennuto, Christopher M., Professor, Biology
Phillips, Scott W., Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Price, Joseph, Professor, Theater
Ryan, Jennifer D., Associate Professor, English
White, Thomas D., Professor, Biology

Caruana, Anthony D., General Mechanic, Residence Life
Chislett, Susan M., Secretary 1, Biology
Cole, Lovell T., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Dickinson, Susan, Secretary 1, Career Development Center
Ductor, Christine L., Keyboard Specialist 2, Residence Life
Edinger, Perry C., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Gernatt, Joseph W., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Grosskopf, Kathleen A., Calculations Clerk 2, Financial Aid
Harris, Daniel R., University Police Officer 2, University Police
Metzler, Thomas E., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Residence Life
Ridolfi, James M., Calculations Clerk 2, Financial Aid
Schleer, Thomas W., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Smith, Maryanne, Clerk 2, Registrar's Office
Taylor, Mary F., Clerk 2, Accounts Payable and Travel Services

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Albers, Cheryl M., Associate Professor, Sociology
Arent, Vickyann L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Intercollegiate Athletics
Arnold, Frank J., Laborer, Campus Services
Ball, Anne Marie, Nurse Practitioner, Weigel Health Center
Ball, Joseph W., Associate Director, Campus Services
Bard, Geraldine E., Professor, English
Baryza, Paul J., Electrician, Campus Services
Battle, Dolores E., Senior Advisor to the President, Equity and Diversity
Baum, R. Bruce, Professor, Exceptional Education
Biddlecom, Richard J., Painter, Campus Services
Bihr, Richard J., Assistant to the Dean, School of the Professions
Bink, Lily M., Interim Associate Director, Educational Opportunity Program
Bink, Paul T., Assistant Director, Admissions
Boyce, Cheryl A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Registrar's Office
Broderick, Michael R., Assistant for University Financial Analysis, Student Accounts
Brown, Jr., Ronald N., Director, Strategic IT Projects, ITEC
Chilungu, Simeon W., Associate Professor, Anthropology
Chizick, Joyce A., Lecturer, Technology
Chris, Stephen A., Senior Counselor, Counseling Center
Daly, Deborah, F., Secretary 1, Computer Information Systems
Danner, Gary O., University Police Officer 2, University Police
Deutschman, Marian T., Interim Director, College and Community Partnerships
Drew, Karen M., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Dudley, Brunetta, Cleaner, Residence Life
Gorko, Henry J., Campus Public Safety Officer, University Police
Guyker, James, Professor, Mathematics
Hakim, Musa Abdul, Reference Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Heiman, Gary W., Professor, Psychology
Heisler, Debra A., Secretary 2, School of Natural and Social Sciences
Hudson, Aaron, General Mechanic, Campus Services
Hurliman, Mary Ann, Secretary 1, Registrar's Office
Johnson, Karen L., Assistant to the Director, Academic Advisement
Johnson, Sharon A., Supervising Janitor, Residence Life
Kaczmarek, Linda M., Calculations Clerk1, Accounting
Knips, Egon, Carpenter, Campus Services
Laudico, Thomas, Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Leist, Susan M., Distinguished Teaching Professor, English
Locher, Nelson R., Senior Mail and Supply Clerk, Mailroom
Loguidice Sebastian, Instructional Support Specialist, Psychology
Lunetta, Samuel A., University Police Officer 2, University Police
M/CNerney, Diana M., Secretary 1, Art Conservation
Meyer, Ronald N., Senior Desktop Systems Technician, Computing and Technology Services
Monaco, Nanci M., Associate Professor, Educational Foundations
Moscato, Marina R., Staff Associate, Student Accounts
Moses, Marsha L., Assistant to the Dean, The Graduate School
Osborne, Mary Ann, Secretary 1, Educational Opportunity Program
Paige, Carolyn L., Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Palumbo, Kathleen K., Lecturer, Exceptional Education
Parker, Ronald, Janitor, Custodial Services
Partridge, Karen M., Janitor, Custodial Services
Philipps, Sharon J., Secretary 1, Intercollegiate Athletics
Phillips, Carol A., Calculations Clerk 2, Accounts Payable and Travel Services
Pragel, Sheila K., Secretary 2, ITEC
Price, Angeline M., Associate Director, Weigel Health Center
Przybysz, Cynthia A., Keyboard Specialist 1, Speech-Language Pathology
Root, David L., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Sanger, Kerran L., Associate Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Sannes, Marjorie E., Agency Program Aide, Admissions
Schleer, Thomas W., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Singh, Surjit, Professor, Chemistry
Slivka, John J., Professor, Mathematics
Smith, Maxine, Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Smock, William L., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Spyra, Camille A., Senior Staff Assistant for Information Commons, E.H. Butler Library
Stalder, J. Robert, Academic Tutor, Academic Skills Center
Swain, Dennis E., Supervising Electrician, Campus Services
Territo, Joseph G., Supervisor of Grounds, Campus Services
Thompson, John T., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Turnwall, Jr., John A., Library Clerk 2, E.H. Butler Library
Vasi, Jr., Joseph M., Cleaner, Campus Services
Veira, Gwendolyn, Senior Admissions Advisor, Admissions
Villari, Valerie, Library Clerk 3, E.H. Butler Library
Ward, Kathryn A., Director, Alumni Affairs
Weber, Joseph A., Associate Director, ITEC
Weber, Lucy A., Secretary 1, Campus Services
Westley, Nancy L., Secretary 1, Speech-Language Pathology
Williams, Nancy W., Secretary 1, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Woodruff, Michael E., Interim Director, Financial Aid
Zheng, Tingyao, Associate Professor, Mathematics

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