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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2011

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Abston, Joseph G., Locksmith, Campus Services
Agen, James J., Cleaner, Campus Services
Barron, Wynne F., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Bidell, Brian J., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Brogan, Leslie M., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Cleveland, Lisa S., Janitor, Campus Services
Dalka, Frankie, Cleaner, Campus Services
Fitzgerald, James M., University Police Officer 1
Goewey, Mark W., University Police Officer 1
Harrington, Kathrine R., Secretary 1, Speech-Language Pathology
Hausknecht, Eric W., Cleaner, Campus Services
Hogan, Deborah A., Cleaner, Residence Life
Kotaska, Marlene M., Cleaner, Residence Life
Kruzicki, Janice A., Secretary 1, Campus Services
Lewis, Corey R., University Police Officer 1
Obermeier, Susan M., Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts
Pasternak, Mary J., Supervising Janitor, Residence Life
Scott, Marie C., Cleaner, Residence Life
Scully, William S., Maintenance Assistant, Residence Life
Wyatt, Arlene E., Cleaner, Residence Life

Faculty and Librarians
Garcia, Kristina M., Assistant Professor, Health and Wellness

Burnett, Dakota S., Complex Director, Residence Life
Burns, Beth A., Instructional Designer, Instructional Resources
Cooke, Connie F., Director, Financial Aid
Dillenbeck Tricia R., Assistant Director for Transfer Admissions, Admissions
Gilliland, Jason F., Coordinator for Veteran Services, Continuing Professional Studies
Harris, Margaret T., Assistant to the Dean, Graduate School
Jackson, Eric L., Residential Student and Social Services Coordinator, Residence Life
McCarthy, Maureen E., CEURE Associate, CEURE
Reid, Sarah L., Facilities Planner, Facilities Planning
Rouse, Deidrinelle N., Complex Director, Residence Life
Sanchez, Freddy, Complex Director, Residence Life
Schwartz, Ronald A., Assistant Technical Director, Theater
Sinclair, LaTia S., Complex Director, Residence Life
Taplin, Glenn E., Admissions Assistant, Admissions

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Dahlgren, Jerod T., Public Relations Director, College Relations
Jones, Patricia, Coordinator, Academic Advisement Student Services, Academic Support Programs
Krupp, Carolynn J., Information Systems Project Manager, Information Services and Systems
Lavelle, Meredeth A., Program Manager, Art Conservation
Minor, Janelle A., Assistant Director, Residence Life
Sager, Timothy P., Instructional Support Technician, Instructional Resources
Wood, Kathy L., Associate Dean, School of Education

Faculty & Librarians
Birden, Susan K., Professor, Adult Education
Blitzer, Harriet, Professor, Fine Arts
Boyce, Emily W., Associate Professor, Music
Cabra, John F., Associate Professor, International Center for Studies in Creativity
Chinquee, Kim K., Associate Professor, English
Forrest, Lisa A., Associate Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Fujiuchi, Ken, Associate Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Guo, Ruth X., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Holmgren, Camille A., Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Hura, Geraldine M., Associate Professor, Adult Education
Kim, Joonyeong, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Lindstrom, Maureen A., Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Macho, Steve M., Associate Professor, Technology
McCarthy, Dianne S., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Norvilitis, Jill M., Professor, Psychology
Orosz, Kenneth J., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Ramos, Peter J., Associate Professor, English
Rera, Louis V., Associate Professor, Communication
Shugar, Aaron N., Associate Professor, Art Conservation
Silverman, Deborah A., Associate Professor, Communication
Skerrett, I. Martha, Associate Professor, Biology
White, William L., Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages
Xu, Hongliang, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Zittel-Palamara, Kimberley, Associate Professor, Social Work

Backert, Michael A., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Barber, Kobie D., Janitor, Residence Life
Burns, Marcia D., Secretary 2, School of Natural and Social Sciences
Chisholm, Winston D., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Eagan, Arlene E., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Floyd, Lamar, Housekeeper, Custodial Services
Folsom, Richard C., Janitor, Residence Life
Franklin, Dale C., Janitor, Campus Services
Galbo, Kimberly M., Janitor, Residence Life
Higgins, Jr., Bernard E., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Mackiewicz, Lois A., Secretary 1, Registrar's Office
Moffat, John C., Senior Groundsworker, Campus Services
Palmer, Robert J., Maintenance Assistant (Mason/Plasterer), Residence Life
Prentice, John J., Senior Mail and Supply Clerk, Campus Services
Richmeyer, Dennis M., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Vasi, Michael J., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
West, Corinna P., Clerk 2, Admissions
Williams, Patricia L, Calculations Clerk 2, Student Accounts

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Agudelo, Jose M., Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Banak, Margaret A., Training Team Consultant, Computing and Technology Services
Banks, Jr., Proves R., Lecturer, Technology
Camesano, Phyllis A., Public Relations Director, College Relations
Corey, Judith K., Keyboard Specialist 1, Weigel Health Center
Cramer, Sharon F., Distinguished Service Professor, Exceptional Education
Draper, Larry R., Motor Vehicle Operator, Campus Services
Gallineau, Timothy L., Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration
Kloss, Kenneth T., Motor Equipment Mechanic, Campus Services
Koehler, Karen S., Lecturer, Mathematics
Medinac, Slawko F., Associate Vice President, Facilities Planning
Pitts, Tasha M., Secretary 1, Equity and Diversity
Rich, Joseph, Groundsworker, Campus Services
Sangorski, Irena T., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Schroeder, Susan G., Assistant Professor, English
Scott, Lawrence W., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Skowronski, Kenneth A., Lecturer, Elementary Education and Reading
Stevens, Carol A., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Tatro, Scott A., Calculations Clerk 1, Mailroom
Webber, Hildegard, Lecturer, Modern and Classical Languages
Werner, Craig G., Associate Professor, English
Wojnowicz, Sharon L., Clerk 2, Registrar's Office
Wyrick, Mary L., Professor, Art Education

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