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New Hires, Promotions, Retirements 2013

New Hires:  Classified | Faculty and Librarians | Professional 

Brice, Yolanda M., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Casali, Joanne E., Cleaner, Residence Life
Danis, Byron J., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Frey, Russell H., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Galvin, Mark P., Cleaner, Custodial Services
Hemingway, James J., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Hunley, Demario T., Cleaner, Custodial Services
McWilliams, Randolph, General Mechanic, Campus Services
Mills, Joshua K., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Ruhl, Kenneth R., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Rusek, Andrew, Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Sullivan, Kevin P., University Police Officer 1, University Police
Szczesek, Ashley A., Clerk 2, Registrar's Office
Thompson, Adrian C., Keyboard Specialist 2, The Graduate School
Wojcik, Regina L., Keyboard Specialist 1, Campus Services

Faculty and Librarians
Acar, Selcuk, Assistant Professor, International Center for Studies in Creativity
Filsinger, Kerry B., Assistant Professor, Music
Filsinger, Mark H., Assistant Professor, Music
Floyd, Jeremy J., Processing Archivist, E.H. Butler Library
Freeman, Lindsey A., Assistant Professor, Sociology
Fryar, Christienna D., Assistant Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Galka, Leah, Academic Outreach and Engagement Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Goldman, Ruth B., Assistant Professor, Communication
Karlis, Jack V., Assistant Professor, Communication
Kasymova, Jyldyz, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Knight, Jason C., Assistant Professor, Geography and Planning
Maheady, Lawrence J., Horace Mann Endowed Chair, Exceptional Education
McCallum, Carmen M., Assistant Professor, Higher Education Administration
Means, Alexander J., Assistant Professor, Social and Psychological Foundations
Menasco, Melissa A., Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Mertens, Elaina, Assistant Professor, Health and Wellness
Nikischer, Andrea B., Assistant Professor, Adult Education
Patterson, Brent D., Assistant Professor, Design
Penksa, Janet E., Visiting Associate Professor, School of Natural and Social Sciences
Shively, Christopher T., Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Summers, Robert H., Assistant Dean, International and Exchange Programs
Toledano, Colleen, Assistant Professor, Design
Toohey, Jennifer J., Assistant Professor, Theater

Anastasi, Dominic J., Network Analyst, Computing and Technology Services
Belliveau, Stefan E., Data Research Analyst, Institutional Advancement
Bidell, Ginger M., Instructional Designer, Instructional Resources
Brickhouse, Katelyn M., Alumni Events Coordinator, Alumni Affairs
Brown, Raffaello, Admissions Assistant, Admissions
Criswell, Paul, Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Dawley, Brian M., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Edmond, Karen E., Coordinator of Field Education, Social Work
Everette, Eve C., Assistant Director, The Anne Frank Project
Fisher, Joshua M., Field and Laboratory Research Technician, Great Lakes Center
Hillman, Christopher L., Assistant Recreation and Intramural Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics
Horwitz Mahoney, Nicholas R., Assistant Director for Chapter Development, Alumni Affairs
Howlett, Mark D., Head Men's Soccer Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Iannone, Casey G., Complex Director, Residence Life
Jagord, Mary-Jo, Director, Alumni Affairs
Maciejewski, Gabrielle A., Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
McLeod, Akil A., EOP Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program
Miller, Melissa B., Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid Office
Moxley, Candice, Head Women's Hockey Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Newman, Sarah E., Senior Counselor, Counseling Center
O'Donnell, Neil, EOP Counselor, Educational Opportunity Program
Parker, Jason O., Diversity Program Coordinator, Equity and Diversity
Proctor Jr., James P., Financial Aid Assistant, Financial Aid Office
Rhodes, Zachary D., Admissions Advisor, Admissions
Silverman, Elizabeth A., Communications Manager, Alumni Affairs
Straub, Rebecca L., Complex Director, Residence Life
Switalski, Timothy M., Director, Leadership Development, Professional Development Office
Taylor, Mary F., Travel Services Manager, Accounts Payable and Travel Services
Toll, Mary J., Complex Director, Residence Life
White, William W., Computing Help Desk Associate, Computing and Technology Services
Young, Nathan, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics
Zadvorney, Joanna M., Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid Office

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Auman, Christine M., Assistant Director, Financial Aid Office
Dubenion, Brian D., Assistant Director of Student Success, Residence Life
Dwyer, Mary E., Associate Vice President for Development, Institutional Advancement
Gernatt, Tracey S., Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Glassman, Christa J., Director, Project Management Office, ITEC
Heflin, Michael A., Director, Residence Life
Hunter, Lisa R., Associate Dean, School of Arts and Humanities
Inda, Melanie Jo, Lead Programmer/Analyst, ITEC
Jones, Patricia L., Coordinator of Academic Advisement Student Services, Academic Support Services
Markel, Kimmarie, Assessment Associate, Assessment and Curriculum
Overholt, Jason R., Computing Help Desk and Technology Purchasing Associate, Computing and Technology Services
Radomski, Michael J., Chief Technology Officer, ITEC
Rainforth, Linda A., Associate Director, Financial Aid office
Seifert, Tracy L., Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid Office
Sobczak, Jessica M., Senior Staff Assistant, The Graduate School
Steffan, Pamela S., Senior Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid Office
Treman, Lisa M., Associate Director, Financial Aid Office
Velez, Daniel C., Associate Vice President Student Success
Velez, Sarah M., Director, Campbell Student Union

Faculty & Librarians
Bayer, Marc D., Associate Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Ben-Merre, David N., Associate Professor, English
Blessing, Kimberly A., Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
Chesterton, Bridget M., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Colaizzo-Anas, Tina M., Associate Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition
D'Angelo, Jill M., Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
Delp, Kelly A., Associate Professor, Mathematics
Emo, Ann R., Associate Professor, Theater
Gaffin, Dennis L., Professor, Anthropology
Grinnell, Jason D., Associate Professor, Philosophy and Humanities
Guarino, Joy A., Associate Professor, Theater
Jo, Tae-Hee, Associate Professor, Economics and Finance
Lange, Catherine, Associate Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
Liao, Hsiang A., Associate Professor, Communication
Norman, York A., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies Education
O'Dell, Robin S., Associate Professor, Mathematics
Potts, Daniel L., Associate Professor, Biology
Qian, Xingwang, Associate Professor, Economics and Finance
Rafferty, Lisa A., Associate Professor, Exceptional Education
Rai, Ram C., Associate Professor, Physics
Sands-O'Connor, Karen, Professor, English
Sherman, Barbara, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Vanchan, Vida, Associate Professor, Geography and Planning
Wall, Amitra A., Assistant Dean, Intellectual Foundations and First Year Programs, University College

Beicke, Arnold L., Maintenance Helper, Residence Life
Calderon, Carlos J., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Cardarelli, Robert L., Janitor, Custodial Services
Cintron, Iris N., Secretary 1, Modern and Classical Languages
Eagan, Arlene E., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Ferris, Patricia L., Keyboard Specialist 2, Exceptional Education
Phillips, Gail M., Secretary 1, Fine Arts
Richey, Francis E., Maintenance Supervisor 1, Campus Services
Sniegowski, Joyce C., Clerk 2, Campus Services
Tobin, Theresa M., Janitor, Custodial Services

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Andre, Stephen N., Associate Professor, Engineering Technology
Ayala, Hilda, Cleaner, Custodial Services
Backert, Michael A., General Mechanic, Campus Services
Bontempo, Barbara T., Professor, English
Brzezinski, Dennis P., Lecturer, Mathematics
Cappella, Elizabeth J., Distinguished Service Professor, Higher Education Administration
Elm, Lloyd M., Associate Professor, Elementary Education and Reading
Fleury, Timothy V., Maintenance Assistant, Campus Services
Flood, Lawrence G., Professor, Political Science
Gray, Thomas P., Reference Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Grosskopf, Kathleen A., Calculations Clerk 2, Financial Aid Office
Hanahan, James J., Janitor, Residence Life
Henning, Mark F., Senior Desktop Systems Technician, Computing and Technology Services
Inskip, Kathy A., Secretary 1, Music
McClure, Toni A., Cleaner, Residence Life
Montague, Andrea B., Supervising Housekeeper, Residence Life
Newman, George C., Librarian, E.H. Butler Library
Partridge, Delmar E., Refrigeration Mechanic, Campus Services
Payne, Constance L., Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Rabin, Ronald L., Associate Professor, Communication
Renzi, Deborah K., Coordinator, Field Education, Social Work
Renzi, Thomas C., Coordinator, Academic Skills Center
Richardson, Jean E., Associate Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Smith, Jr., Edward O., Distinguished Service Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Smith, William C., Janitor, Campus Services
Spencer, Betty J., Supervising Analyst for Academic Services, ITEC
Weldon, Lynn B., Secretary 1, Fine Arts

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