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SUNY Buffalo State Organization Chart

This chart was last updated by Human Resource Management on 04/08/2014 and includes the following information:  department, campus title, incumbent (with e-mail address), campus address and phone number.  All phone numbers are in area code (716).  Please contact Human Resource Management if you have any updates or questions.

President's Office
Interim President, Cohen, Howard, CLEV 517, 878-4101
Chief of Staff, Durand, Bonita R., CLEV 517, 878-4102
Executive Secretary to the President, Gwitt, Thomas J., CLEV 517, 878-4101
Burchfield Penney Art Center, Director, Bannon, Anthony L., BPAC, 878-6011
Equity and Diversity, Chief Diversity Officer, Clinton Jones, Karen A., CLEV 415, 878-6210

Academic Affairs
Provost, Ponton, Dennis K., CLEV 519, 878-5550
Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Assessment, Lindner, Rosalyn A., CLEV 513, 878-5915
Associate Vice President for Continuing Professional Studies, Shaw-Burnett, Margaret A., CLEV 210, 878-5907
Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education, Director, Siskar, John F., CAUD 107, 878-3610
Institutional Research, Director, Gachette, Yves M., CLEV 509B, 878-4521

Graduate School
Associate Provost and Dean, Railey, Kevin J., CLEV 204, 878-5601
Assistant Dean for Strategic and Enrollment Planning and Coordinator of Multidisciplinary Studies, Jackson, Kimberly J., CLEV 204, 878-5601
Graduate Advisory Council, Chair, Ramos, Peter J., BACO 306, 878-4303
McNair Scholars Program, Director, Washington, Sandra D., SCIE 253, 878-3411

School of Arts and Humanities
Dean, Christy, Benjamin C., ROCK 222, 878-6326
Associate Dean, Hunter, Lisa R., ROCK 222, 878-6326
Art Conservation, Director, Ravines, Patrick C., ROCK 230, 878-5025
Art Education, Chair, Parks, Michael E., BISH 102, 878-4106
Communication, Chair, Marren, Joseph J., BISH 210, 878-6008
Design, Chair, Schnier Jorg E., UPTO 212, 878-6032
English, Chair, Berglund, Lisa, KETC 326, 878-5417
Fine Arts, Chair, Ogle, Philip B., UPTO 502, 878-6014
Interior Design, Chair, Postero, Terry A., UPTO 214, 878-5252
Modern and Classical Languages, Interim Chair, Johnson, Michael, BISH 122, 878-5414
Music, Interim Chair, Boyce, Emily W., ROCK 203, 878-6401
Performing Arts Center, Director, Marsha, Jeffrey, ROCK 210, 878-3600
Philosophy and Humanities, Chair, Blessing, Kimberly A., BISH 231, 878-5136
Theater, Chair, Youngstrom, Donn M., THEA 221, 878-6416

School of Education
Dean, Paterson, Wendy A., CAUD 114, 878-4214
Associate Dean, Wood, Kathy L., CAUD 114, 878-4214
Adult Education, Chair, Birden, Susan K., BACO 122, 878-4303
Career and Technical Education, Chair, Popovich, N. John, BACO 316, 878-4717
Elementary Education and Reading, Chair, Chicola, Nancy A. BACO 302, 878-5916
Exceptional Education, Chair, Miller, Kevin J., KETC 202, 878-5317
Social and Psychological Foundations of Education, Chair, White, William L., BACO 308, 878-4304
Teacher Certification Office, Certification Officer, Recchio, Patricia A., CAUD 101, 878-6121

School of Natural and Social Sciences
Dean, Severson, Mark W., CLAS A113, 878-6434
Associate Dean, O'Quin, R. Karen, CLAS A113, 878-6434
Anthropology, Chair, Anselmi, Lisa Marie, CLAS B107, 878-6110
Biology, Chair, Wadsworth, Gregory J., SCIE 261, 878-5203
Center for Economic and Policy Studies, Director, Fisher, Bruce L., CLAS B226, 878-3202
Center for Health and Social Research, Director, Wieczorek, William F., CLAS A203, 878-6137
Center for Southeast Asia Environment and Sustainable Development, Director, Irvine, Kimberley N., CLAS A215, 878-6204
Chemistry, Chair, Goodman, M. Scott, SCIE 313, 878-5204
Earth Sciences and Science Education, Chair, Solar, Gary S., SCIE 271, 878-6731
Economics and Finance, Chair, Byrley, Theodore F., CLAS B207, 878-4606
Geography and Planning, Chair, Frothingham, Kelly M., CLAS A213, 878-6216
Great Lakes Center for Environmental Research/Education, Director, Karatayev, Alexander Y., SAM/C 319A, 878-4329
Health and Wellness, Chair, Roberts, Scott W., HOUS 216, 878-6501
History and Social Studies Education, Chair, Nicholls, Andrew D., CLAS C205, 878-5412
Mathematics, Chair, Xu, Hongliang, BISH 317, 878-5621
Physics, Chair, DeMarco, Michael J., SCIE 262, 878-6726
Political Science, Chair, Pendleton, Michael S. CLAS B218, 878-6116
Psychology, Chair, Norvilitis, Jill M., CLAS C312, 878-6215
Sociology, Chair, Krieg, Eric J., CLAS B307, 878-5411

School of the Professions
Interim Dean, Zientek, Rita M., CLEV 214, 878-4698
Associate Dean, Zientek, Rita M., CLEV 214, 878-4698
Business, Chair, Littman, Michael J., CHAS 302, 878-4239
Computer Information Systems, Chair, Lin, William, TECH 203, 878-5528
Creative Studies, Chair, Puccio, Gerard J., CHAS 244, 878-6223
Criminal Justice, Chair, Cretacci, Michael A., CLAS C114, 878-4517
Dietetics and Nutrition, Chair, Oh, Suk Y., CAUD 207, 878-5913
Engineering Technology, Chair, Mayrose, James, TECH 126, 878-6017
Fashion and Textile Technology, Chair, Boorady, Lynn M., TECH 303, 878-3478
Higher Education Administration Department, Chair, Kline, Kimberly A., BACO 214C, 878-3789
Hospitality and Tourism, Chair, Mulcahy, Kevin F., CAUD 207, 878-5913
Small Business Development Center, Director, M/CCartney, Susan A., CLEV 206, 878-4030
Social Work, Chair, Hilarski, Carolyn M., CLAS C115, 878-5705
Speech-Language Pathology, Chair, Qualls, Constance Dean, KETC 208, 878-4412

University College
Dean and Associate VP for Undergraduate and International Education, Johnson, Scott L., TWIN 100, 878-5906
Academic Standards and Intervention, Assistant Dean, Maldonado, Heather, TWIN 100, 878-5222
Academic Support Programs, Director, Park IV, Roswell, SOUT 310B, 878-5303
Muriel A. Howard Honors Program, Director, Guiati, Andrea, SOUT 510, 878-3093
Center for China Studies, Director, Zhang, Jie, SOUT 430D, 878-6328
College Writing Program, Director, Ninacs, Michele, SOUT 130, 878-5451
Educational Opportunity Program, Director, Jenkins, Yanick H., SOUT 710, 878-3904
Intellectual Foundations and First Year Programs, Assistant Dean, Wall, Amitra A., TWIN 100, 878-5906
International Education, Director, Zagarella-Behrens, Josephine, SOUT 410, 878-4620
International and Exchange Programs, Assistant Dean, Summers Robert H., SOUT 410, 878-4620
International Graduate Programs for Educators, Director, Brunner, Carolyn E., SOUT 430, 878-6832
International Student Affairs, Director, Gounard, Jean F., CAMB 400, 878-5331
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), Coordinator, Draeger, John D, BISH 207, 878-5136
Special Programs, Director, Frezza, Christine A., SOUT 420, 878-4328
Student Support Services Program, Director, Johnson, Florence D., SOUT 210, 878-4042
Undergraduate Research Office, Director, Singer, Jill, SOUT 510, 878-3093

Finance and Management
Vice President and Research Foundation Operations Manager, Levine, Michael F., CLEV 505, 878-4311
Assistant Vice President, Krieger, Lisa H., CLEV 505, 878-4311
Budget Office, Director of Budget and Internal Controls, Schenk, Rebecca J., CLEV 507, 878-4312
Campus Services, Director, Harding, Terry M., CCTR 201, 878-6112
Design and Construction, Manager, Shaffer, Steven E., CCTR, 878-6034
Events Management, Director, Coates, Thomas E., CLEV 112, 878-6114
Facilities Planning, Facilities Planner, Reid, Sarah L., CLEV 507, 878-4521
Human Resource Management, Associate Vice President, Earshen, Susan J., CLEV 403, 878-4822
Payroll Office, Manager, Alessi, David P., CLEV 408, 878-4124
Sponsored Programs Office, Associate VP for Operations and Deputy Operations Manager, Scuto, Donna L., BISH 17, 878-6700
University Police, Chief of University Police, Carey, Peter M., CHAS 147, 878-6332

Associate Vice President and Comptroller,
Thor, James A., CLEV 508, 878-4312
Assistant to the Comptroller for Procurement Services, Olsen, Steven W., CLEV 406, 878-4113
Accounts Payable and Travel Services, Director, Baumet, Robert L., CLEV 417, 878-5304
IFR and Recharge Accounting, Director, Ferguson, Kelly M., CLEV 413, 878-3086
Parking Services Office, Director, Riter, Jayme, CHAS 126, 878-3041
Student Accounts, Director, Wright, Susan F., MOOT 260, 878-4121

Information Services and Systems
Chief Information Officer, Erwin, Don F., CLEV 515B, 878-3424
Computing and Technology Services, Associate Vice President, Basinski, Judith B., TWIN 208, 878-4206
Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC), ITEC Chief Information Officer, Notarius, Michael B., TWIN 200, 878-4832
Library and Instructional Technology, Associate Vice President, Glogowski, Maryruth F., BUTL 133, 878-6314

Institutional Advancement
Vice President, Bair, Susanne P., CLEV 511, 878-4324
Associate Vice President for Development, Dwyer, Mary E., CLEV 312, 878-3141
Associate Vice President for Government Relations, Benfanti, William J., CLEV 511, 878-4324
Alumni Affairs, Director, Jagord, Mary-Jo, CLEV 319, 878-6001
College Relations, Associate Vice President, Walsh, Timothy, J., CLEV 307, 878-4201

Student Affairs
Vice President, Payne, Hal D., CLEV 519, 878-4704
Burchfield Penney Art Center, Director, Bannon, Anthony L., BPAC, 878-6011
Campbell Student Union, Director, Velez, Sarah M., CAMB 400, 878-4631
Intercollegiate Athletics, Director, Boyes, Jerry S., HOUS 103, 878-6534

Associate Vice President for Student Success, Velez, Daniel C., CAMB 400, 878-4704
Child Care Center, Executive Director, Minet, Jennifer J., BUCK, Campus West C-Wing, 878-5335
Orientation, Director, Mead-Colegrove, Robert W., PORT, 878-5336
Residence Life, Director, Heflin, Michael A., PORT, 878-3000
Student Life, Interim Director, Merberg, Eileen, CAMB 400, 878-4631

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Kenyon, Charles B., CAMB 311, 878-4618
Career Development Center, Director, Zuckerman-Aviles, Stephanie B., CLEV 306, 878-5811
Counseling Center, Director, McCool, Joan L., WEIG, 878-4436
Disability Services Office, Director, Morrison-Fronckowiak, Lisa T., SOUT 120, 878-4500
Judicial Affairs, Director, Marsh, Latonia D., CAMB 306, 878-4618
Liberty Partnerships Program, Director, Cathey, Patrice, BUCK E103, 878-4055
STEP Program, Director, Carter, Darryl, BUCK E103, 878-6522
Upward Bound, Director, Patterson, Donald, PORT, lower level, 878-3447
Weigel Health Center, Director, Stephan Hains, Therese R., WEIG, 878-6711

Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Fuster, Bradley J., MOOT 150, 878-3640
Admissions, Director, Thompson, Carmela, MOOT 110, 878-5519
Financial Aid, Director, Cooke, Connie F., MOOT 230, 878-4902
Registrar's Office, Registrar, Bausili, Mark T., MOOT 210, 878-4811

Associate Vice President for Housing and Auxiliary Services, Ecklund, Timothy R., CAMB 222, 878-3506
Campus Dining Services, Senior Director of Food Service, Lezama, Manny J., CAMB 223, 878-5214
Director of Housing, Kaufman, Kris A., PORT, 878-3000

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