Mrs. Florence Johnson- Director of SSSP

                 Tristin Salter, a past Student Support Services Program participant, will be joining the program as our new Academic Coordinator in late December. Mrs. Salter graduated with honors from Buffalo State College earning both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in English. She then went on to teach courses at Daemen College and Niagara University.

                 Mrs. Salter has indeed come a long way since participating in one of our first Summer Bridge Programs. Her hard work, enthusiasm for learning and motivation has helped her to achieve the goals she set out to reach.  In wanting to ensure that each participant receives the same quality services that assisted her as a student, Mrs. Salter is very dedicated to the Student Support Services Program.

                 Just in case you are wondering, Mr. Kevin Garrity now has the role of Intake Monitor/ Tracking Coordinator!

Text Box: We are here, charged with the task of completing ourselves, as well as striving towards our dreams and goals. The process in which we have chosen to pursue is education. This requires fortitude, steadfastness, focus, and an “I will try again tomorrow” mindset. It requires improvisation, the daring to persevere and in some cases readjusting in spite of the adversities. Your own personal values and the tools you implement will assist you in successfully accomplishing your goal: college graduation.
	All theories on life are questionable. Principles tend to be modified or may even be pulverized by the demands of life, and each one of us must find our own moral center and move throughout our own life space trusting that our committed moral center will guide us on the right path.
	There is much in the world and in our own communities that would cause us to become pessimistic. However, in the words of          W.E.B. Du Bois: “Believe in life! Believe that you as a human being have the capacity to live and progress to a greater, broader and successful life, complete with fulfilling your educational goals.”

		Set no limits on your achievement. We must live by faith - faith in one’s self and faith in others. We must live by our ideals and dreams, our highest goal and a strong sense of what we aspire to be.

Text Box: Text Box: From The Director’s Desk

February 2007

Volume 10 Issue 1

The Mentor

Text Box: Changes in Staff

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