Mrs. Florence Johnson- Director of SSSP

February 2008

The Mentor

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The Mentor

Text Box: From the Directorís Desk

We have to choose our own paths, decide our own destiny and at times we will not always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those are the moments when we must not simply fear the unknown but embrace it for what it holds. There is something to learn from the darkest moments in our life, and if we can understand that we will truly appreciate the light. When deciding which path to takeĖ remember that the road easily traveled will offer no sense of achievement, because anything easily attained offers little value in return. Along this path many people will walk in and out of your life, there is a lesson to learn from each of them. While some may choose a direction that takes them off of your path does not mean that they didnít leave a piece of themselves behind, like a footprint in your heart. Lifeís journey will always come with adversities and obstacles thrown in your wayĖ itís how you overcome the struggle that determines your success. You may feel tired along the way, you may even fall but do not allow for your failures to deter you from your goals.

With every step is a small accomplishment and will bring you closer to your destination. Live each day, make every decision with your goals in mind and always remember to not stand in your own way. It is not a matter of if you can do it but how badly do you want to do it!

Mr. Kevin P. Garrity

Intake Monitor/

Tracking Coordinator

Mrs. Armeta Bernard

Administrative Assistant

to the Director

Mrs. Tristin Salter

Academic Coordinator

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Florence Johnson

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