Student Support Services Program - Buffalo State College
Mrs. Florence Johnson

Thank You by Valeria Owens

read during SSSP's Appreciation for Mrs. Johnson

Thank You
No real words can truly explain what kind of person you are
The day you came into our lives was like a wish upon a star
You knew what our intentions were and you never brought us doubt
You gave us much support and love and you knew who we were all about
From summer time to present time life’s never been the same
So here we are saying thank you as you’re inducted
into the Women’s hall of Fame
Thank you for never giving up on us
Thank you for your encouragement and love
Thank you for your beautiful smile
Thank you for being a role model to look up to like an angel up above
Thank you for giving us that extra boost
Thank you for never backing away
Thank you for teaching us about college life
Thank you for showing us the way
Thank you for listening to our problems
Thank you for all your positive thoughts
Thank you for your words of wisdom
Thank you for being a part of the same struggles we fought
Thank you for your wonderful ideas
We will never forget your name
Hope that you’ll always remember all of us from S SS P
As you’re inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame
All the members of SSSP