Geography Action! (an all-year event)

Geography Awareness Week (GAW), (November 11 to 17, 2007)

 New York's Celebrate Asia Coordinator: Darlene Lombardo []

NY's Geography Shirt Day is on Wednesday, November 14th

Wednesday is "Wear a Geography Shirt Day". Ask your students to wear a shirt that has a picture or a name of a place on it. Help your students connect it to one of the Five Themes of Geography. Please send us a photograph of your students wearing their shirts. Print out a certificate and/or write us and we will be happy to send them a small thank you gift.


Celebrate Asia (Geography Action! 2007)

Celebrate Africa (Geography Action! 2006)

Migration (Geography Action! 2005)


Read With Geographic Eyes!!!

Read a story in a newspaper or magazine. After the story has been read, discuss the following questions:

1. Identify Location. Where did the story take place? What are two different ways you can describe the location?

2. Identify Place. What does this place look like? What physical and/or man made features make it different from other places?

3. Identify Links and Movement. What links it to other places (e.g., language, rivers, bridges, religion)?

4. Identify Region. Do these links make it part of a larger group?


 Geography Action