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Buffalo Blue Bicycle Program

Buffalo Blue Bicycle is an innovative community bicycle-lending program committed to making a healthy, environmentally sustainable, and community friendly form of transportation.

Blue Bicycle members have access to a fleet of metallic blue bicycles located at a number of conveniently located hubs across the city* and can use them for a couple of hours or up to two days.

*On the Buffalo State College Campus, two Blue Bike racks are located in the Union/Butler Library Quad.

If you are currently a member, and want to check-in or check-out a bike, please go to the members area and log-in first.

How it Works
Buffalo Blue Bicycle members are able to check out any one of a wide array of bicycles equipped with lock and bell.  First, log in to the lending site, make an online reservation and then visit one of the hubs.  All bicycles and hubs are connected by an online database, which allows members to use any of our hubs for pick-up or drop-off.

Members may keep bicycles out for up to two days and renewals are possible.  However, members are asked not to use renewals on a regular basis. Sharing means letting others use the bicycle as well.

How To Join
Before you can take part in the Buffalo Blue Bicycle program, you must register as a member. A Season's membership is available for a donation of $25.00, less than the cost of a tank of gas or a month's pass for transit. If you cannot afford $25.00, you are asked to contribute a minimum of six (6) hours of volunteer service helping to fix and maintain bicycles, or performing other duties to enhance the program. Join now!


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