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Free Office Horticultural Consultation

BSCenery horticultural technicians from Campus Services will be offering a free plant inspection to insure and suggest proper plant care. Upon your request, plants will be evaluated and some treatments will be offered if needed. BSCenery’s objective for campus buildings is supplying and maintaining plantscapes in lobbies and public areas respectively. However, we are offering a once a year inspection (during our less demanding work schedule) in order to control the spread of plant diseases, insect infestation and to insure healthy plants in our work place.

How do I schedule my Free Plant Inspection & Consultation?

Just call Campus Services at 6111 and a work order will be generated. A technician will contact you and schedule an appointment. We would like to do a building by building service if possible so please be patient.

Thank-you very much for you time. Think Green!  

Special plant fact: NASA research says that plants make indoor environments healthier to live in by absorbing pollutants through their leaves, roots and micro-organic systems. Pollutants actually are converted to food for the plants. Just one or two plants per 100 square feet of floor space will help clean and refresh the air in the average home or office.


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