Appeal requests must be directed to the Buffalo State College Parking Services office within 30 days of summons issuance.  Attempts to appeal summonses later than this date will not be processed.

You will receive notification of the hearing date and time via a letter mailed to the address that you stipulate on the parking summons.  If you are a resident student and your appeal notification is sent over a holiday break, it will go to the registered address of the parking summons.

The decision of the hearing officer is final.  Therefore, it is imperative that you are prepared for your defense.  All documentation must be submitted to the hearing officer at the time of your appeal.  It is solely your responsibility to provide any necessary documents. 

You have 15 days from your hearing date to comply with the judgement of the hearing officer.  If you are found guilty, additional penalties will be incurred after 15 days.

Cancellation and rescheduling an appeal may only be made one time.  Parking Services must be notified of the cancellation before the close of business on the Friday before the hearing date.

Appeals based on the following will not be successful:

  • Ignorance of the regulation.
  • Inability to find a permitted parking space.
  • Operation of the vehicle by another person.
  • Failure of the University Police to ticket previously for similar offenses.
  • Inability to pay fine.
  • Disagreement with the parking rules and regulations.
  • Failure to display current parking permit, vehicle registration, or inspection.
  • Improper display of the parking permit.
  • Expired meter offenses other than a defective meter (in which case, you must obtain written verification by University Police).