Effective  January  1, 2009, fines for parking violations on campus will increase from  $25 for violation of a fire lane or fire hydrant, and $15 for all other violations to $35 and $25, respectively.  For violations requiring an intracampus tow (from a lot where parking is prohibited from 1-6a.m. to lot F, M-2, R or G), the penalty shall be a $50 fine.  This fine is in addition to a fine violation of $25 for violation of parking in a no parking 1am – 6am parking lot.  The fine for violation of a parking space designated for persons with disabilities will remain at $50.

 Parking fines not paid or appealed within 30 days of receipt of the summons are doubled.  Students who have outstanding parking fines are barred from registering for class or receiving their transcript.  Employees who have outstanding parking fines for more than 90 days will have the fines deducted from their paychecks.  Vehicles parked on campus with outstanding parking fines are subject to either towing or the placement of an immobilization boot on the vehicle