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Professional Development Schools Consortium

Whether you're a Teacher Candidate at one of our schools, a liaison member of a current PDS partner school, or a school administrator interested in your school becoming a partner, we hope this site will provide you with all the information you need. We are very proud of our organization and invite you to take a closer look.

What is the purpose of a PDS?   College faculty, school administrators, and practicing teachers deliberate on how to cooperatively supervise pre-service teachers and provide closer connections to classroom practice, promote professional development for in-service teachers, improve student learning, and research educational practice for school reform. 

What does a PDS do?  Critical aspects of our program involve creating and maintaining a collaborative community partnership with urban, suburban, and rural school districts; collaboratively identifying, developing, and refining practices that promote student achievement; supporting initial preparation and continuing professional development for teachers and other school based educators; and supporting teacher inquiry to improve pupil and educator development. This is accomplished while Pre-Childhood and Childhood Education majors gain a variety of experiences, ranging from classroom observation and tutoring to methods and student teaching placements at established PDS sites.

Who is a member of the PDS, and what is its structure?  The Professional Development Schools Consortium is a network of many partnerships. PDS partners include elementary schools where the school and SUNY Buffalo State personnel work in concert to facilitate high levels of learning by all students.  PDS Partners also include colleges which are jointly registered with Buffalo State.  As such, NCCC is an active member in the Consortium.  The Consortium also teams with several organizations that promote excellence in education within Buffalo State - the Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education (CEURE), and Project Flight - and across Western New York.

The PDS Advisory Board, the governing body of the Consortium, meets 6-7 times per year. 

The PDS model at Buffalo State follows the standards established by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (2001)and the NAPDS Nine Essentials (2008).

How many schools participate in this partnership?  The Department of Elementary Education and Reading has established a partnership with over 45 schools  to house our PDS Methods courses each semester.  Student teaching is offered at locations across WNY, with some placements available in the New York City area.  Students can be placed in urban, suburban and/or rural situations, giving them the opportunity to experience a variety of settings for maximum learning potential.

How successful is BSC’s PDS?  The SUNY Buffalo State PDS is an active, award-winning Consortium.  This success is largely due to the collaboration of our professional learning community. The BS PDS holds an annual retreat, at which PDS partners, faculty, and students present their current year’s research projects for review and discussion.  Much of the research that comes out of these “mini-grant” projects is further presented at state and national level conferences and is published in professional journals.

The PDS has received local, state and national awards for excellence.  Most recently, the 2011 Award for Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement was awarded to the Buffalo State Professional Development School (PDS) Consortium by the National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) (



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