PDS Advisory Council is the working group of partners from BS and the PDS schools.  The Advisory Council plans the yearly retreat and makes recommendations to the consortium as a whole.  At present, 10 BS faculty members, 7 PDS School members, 3 BS students, and a representative from our jointly registered college, comprise the Advisory Council.

Method of Selection

The BS faculty members are nominated and voted into their position by their colleagues.

The PDS School members are nominated and voted into position by the PDS Consortium constituents.

The BS students are nominated and voted into their position by the PDS Consortium.  Interested students are given an application and must participate in an interview prior to the vote. The interview takes place with the Advisory Council.

Term of Appointment

1. The BS faculty and PDS advisory appointees have a term of three years.
2. Student representative(s) serves one and a half years.
3. Term of appointment for the representative from the jointly registered college are determined by that college.