Teacher Candidates include Junior Participants or students in method courses, and Student Teachers in the Student Teaching Cohort model.

Denotes that period of study in which the candidate is taking methods courses, while continuing his/her liberal arts concentration, and thus is first developing his/her knowledge, skills and dispositions. These courses include: EDU 310 Teaching of Social Studies; EDU 311 Teaching of Reading, Writing and Literacy; and EDU 312 Teaching of Math and Science. We refer to this experience as Junior Participation.  Students are expected to have their initial LAST results on file with the office at this point.  They should also have a completed PPDP (Personal Professional Development Plan developed in the Introduction to Elementary Education course) to use during advisement. Successful completion of Junior Participation must include a grade of C or better in each methods course. These Junior Participation courses will be conducted in an approved PDS School site.  Teacher Candidates must attend a mandatory orientation prior to EDU 311 to learn more about the duties and responsibilities for teacher candidates in a PDS.

Student Teaching, in the student teaching cohort model, is designed to be the culminating experience for all education majors.