Here’s Where the Action is…Action Research, that is!

Leslie K. Day, PDS Director, Buffalo State College
Jennifer J. Golias, PDS Teacher Candidate, Edison Elementary School PDS
Lisa Krueger, Principal of Eggert Road Elementary School in Orchard Park, NY


The Buffalo State College PDS Consortium is a learning-centered partnership supporting the development of students, teacher candidates, faculty and all PDS partners through inquiry-based practice.  One important aspect of this shared vision for developing a learning community is our commitment to action research in our PDS schools. The department of Elementary Education and Reading in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Urban and Rural Education (CEURE) offers mini-grants to its more than 45 PDS Partner Schools each school year.  These mini-grants are used by college faculty, PDS schools, and our teacher candidates to design action research projects that will have an impact on our PreK-6th grade learners.  Each year many PDS partnerships apply for these grants and at least seven PDS schools are awarded these annual grants.  At our fall PDS Consortium Retreat, these mini-grant awardees share their action research through both a poster session and formal group presentation.  Each project is highlighted on the Buffalo State College PDS website, often with photographs, abstracts, and a link to the actual power point presentations.  The website availability of this research encourages other PDS partners to consider some of these best practices for their own schools. Recently, results from some of the action research projects have been submitted and accepted for publication in educational journals. The action research grants and annual retreat have given our PDS partnerships a systematic forum for the celebration of their joint work. Join us to hear and see in “action” how the mini-grant supported action research projects support our learning community mission.

PowerPoint from Orlando:

Part 1
Part 2