Action Research Presentations:

"Book Buddies-Partners in Reading" Campus West School, Buffalo; Dr. Ellen Friedland, Dr. Kim Truesdell, Jo Bussi and Winchester Elementary School, West Seneca.  Second and sixth graders became book buddies for once a week buddy reading sessions.  High interest books were purchased with mini-grant funds.  Buddies discussed books and chose from a variety of projects to complete after reading.  Student attitudes and teacher views of the program were assessed.  The sixth grade students became e-mail buddies between schools to talk about issues of mentoring and being a role model for younger children.  A culminating activity for all buddies to meet at Buffalo State College was planned.

PowerPoint Presentation


"Polishing our Image through Reflection"  Campus West Magnet Middle School: Dennis Brancato, Dr. Tom Giambrone; Dr. Susan McMillen.  This program was designed to utilize digital video technology to allow students the ability to reflect on their personal performance during the classroom experience in a more objective manner and to use those reflections to enhance their subsequent classroom performance..  Creating DVD archives allows participants to see their growth overtime and accurately compare past performance with present performance and laying a foundation for future growth.


"Promoting Reading and Writing Success via Authentic Means"  Enterprise Charter School, Buffalo; Dr. Maria Ceprano, Dr. Michalene Meger, Edith Greer.  Teacher candidate Kappa Delta Pi members pen-palled with students at Enterprise Charter School.  Trade books were sent to these children to support home-based literacy and were used as source for lesson planning by the Junior Participants enrolled in EDU 311.  A variety of assessments were used to evaluate the success of this project and the data was made available to EDU 690 students who wish to utilize it for purposes of their Master's Projects.  PowerPoint presentation


"Water You Doing?"  Enterprise Charter School; Andrew Starr, Karen Kaisinski, Dr. Carol Stevens.  Project-Based Learning around the theme of water was explored with Level 4 and Level 1 students with the guidance of EDU 312 Junior Participants.  Teacher candidates coordinated field experiences and taught mini lessons in research strategies and teamwork.  All partners benefited from authentic experiences with Project-Based Learning, multiage grouping, participation in team planning and student assessment. 


"Improving Personal Writing of Students through Photography and Recording of Oral Family Histories"   Waterfront Elementary, Buffalo; Judith Falkowski, Joyce Fyda, Shawn King.  This project's goal was to increase the quality of personal narrative writing in fifth and sixth grade classes.  Disposable cameras, cassette tapes and tape recorders were purchased for at home use.  The stories and oral histories gathered at home became a source for writing topics.  The goal was to create high quality writing that was integrated with the visual arts program at Waterfront to create student executed memory boxes. 


"Getting to Know Each Other:  Expanding the Children's World View of Other Children" Poplar Street Academy, Buffalo; Dr. Hibajene Shandomo, Hanna Julie Zgoda, Kathleen Franklin.  Second graders at Poplar, an inner city urban school in Buffalo, USA, introduced themselves to twenty urban school second graders in Zambia, Africa for the purpose of making pen pals.  Plans included brainstorming activities, predictions, writer's workshops, and a description of their best topic in math and science.  Pen pals wrote each other and sent a photo album. PowerPoint presentation.

"Developing Phonemic Awareness through Mother Goose!"  Dr. Charles E. Blackman, Buffalo; Dawn Mack, Carla DiChristina Longo.  One hundred Pre-K students were immersed in the world of Mother Goose.  Prop boxes were created containing a variety of lessons, materials, costumes and activities so that students would be highly motivated to develop their language skills with an emphasis on phonemic awareness.  A planned culminating activity, "An Evening with Mother, Goose," highlighted this project with an art show and sing-a-long center based workshop.


"Eyes on Me"  Native American Magnet School #19, Buffalo; Karen Drew, Nicole Kenney, Sixto Indalecio.   This project highlighted a collaboration between the college PDS junior participants, the School Improvement Team, and the English Language Arts committee at the Native American Magnet School.  Junior Participants initiated writing biographies with featured students of the month, promoting literacy motivation through the eyes of a writer.  Digital photographs and these biographies were used as screen savers within each K-6 classroom.