Building the Case for PDS Brick by Brick, Using Multiple Assessments.

Jennifer J. Golias,  PDS Graduate Assistant and Teacher Candidate, Hoover Elementary School, PDS
Leslie K. Day,  PDS Director and Instructor, Buffalo State College
Robert Polino,  PDS Undergraduate Teacher Candidate, William Street Elementary School, PDS

The Buffalo State College Professional Development School Consortium is a learner-centered partnership supporting the development of P-12 students, teacher candidates, college faculty and school partners through inquiry-based practice.  One distinctive quality of this shared learning community is our mutual commitment to assess the impact of our many programs in the schools on P-12 students, the effectiveness of our curriculum for teacher candidates, and the promotion of research-validated teaching practice. To measure our effectiveness, the Consortium members conduct action-based research and collect and analyze data aligned with the four pronged mission of the NCATE PDS standards. This presentation will briefly examine impact on teacher candidates, promotion of professional development in our partner schools, and the encouragement of best practices. However, the primary focus will be on our use of multiple assessments to measure the impact of the Buffalo State College PDS on improving young student learning. One of our most recent data-driven research projects compared student performance on state standardized tests for students in PDS schools to student performance in comparable non PDS schools.  Our results were encouraging. We hope you will join us on this journey in which research and assessment are critical bricks in the road for the growth and vitality of a successful PDS.

PowerPoint Presentation