This section is for students CURRENTLY in

Elementary Education and Reading

The links to the left provide a variety of things that are attendant to your success in the field of Elementary Education and Reading.  We hope that you will take some time to review the Code of Ethics, Conceptual Framework, and Dispositions.  All of you should become familiar with the directions for Taskstream, as well as theTeacher Candidate Handbook, which will be useful in your progression through the entire program.

Your programmatic requirements and other important information are available in the handbook you were given upon acceptance into your major:

Handbook for Undergraduate Elementary Education Majors - Yellow Book

The new "yellow handbook" should be used by students who matriculated in Fall, 2012 and thereafter.

Handbook for Undergraduate Elementary Education Majors

The "blue handbook" should be used by students who matriculated between Fall, 2006 through Spring, 2012.

As a student in the Elementary Education and Reading Department, you will have lots of opportunities to participate in various clubs and activities, which can significantly enhance your resume:


Student Research and Creativity Day

Successful students can apply for a variety of awards, both departmentally and college-wide.

Student Representative to PDS

All Elementary Education and Reading students should be familiar with the following offices:

Teacher Certification - for information about the seminars and tests required for your area of certification, current information about the fingerprinting process, and the process for applying for your certification(s) through TEACH.              

Continuing Professional Studies - to register for seminars offered by BS.

Career Development Center  


You may be able to apply to the NYS retirement system as soon as you have subbed for 20 days.  It is important for you to know, and follow through on this, so that you will end up in Tier 5.  FOR MORE INFORMATION, please visit: