Overcoming The Effects of NCLB:  Thoughtful Adaptations Of Reader First Scripts As Implemented At Some PDS Sites

Leslie K. Day, PDS Director and Instructor, Buffalo State College

Maria Ceprano, Instructor, Buffalo State College

Christine Tredo, Instructor, Buffalo State College

In attempts to equalize the education of the masses, No Child Left Behind has given way to one size fits all/teacher-proof reading programs.  The effects of this legislation have become particularly evident in under-funded urban based Professional Development Sites – a situation which can potentially compromise the critical literacy objectives that colleges of education have for teacher candidates.  Buffalo State College has a long standing positive relationship with its urban PDS sites that has recently been challenged by this legislation.  Overcoming these challenges to create positive learning environments for all partners has been a focus.  Using case studies supported by power point slides, the presentation will describe instructional planning options successfully implemented by teacher candidates training under such circumstances.  Creative adaptations and enhancements of mandated plans successfully implemented by teacher candidates in classroom settings will be presented.  Also featured will be the outcomes of a literacy enhancement “fair” wherein a station by station format was used by teacher candidates to demonstrate for parents and their children how literacy can be developed in the home.  These adaptations demonstrate that best practices can and must remain a vital component of the PDS. To see their presentation, click here.