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School of Education
Professional Development School Consortium

School Improvement Mini-Grants
Request for Proposals

The School Improvement Mini-Grants are designed to support teachers and college faculty in collaborative school improvement efforts.

Each mini-grant should:

1. Be focused on how the work impacts the learning of young students.
2. Involve a PDS school.
3. Have a college faculty member as a part of the school team and project.
4. Integrate the participation of BSC pre-service candidates.
5. Present the project at the annual PDS retreat.

General information:

1. Grant awards will not exceed $1,800 for project costs. An additional $200 will be paid to the project facilitator responsible for the final evaluation and retreat presentation. Total mini-grant equals $2,000.
2. Presenters should provide copies of project PowerPoint slides and handouts for posting on the PDS website.
3. Projects that involve collaboration between schools will be considered.
4. Project evaluation forms will be provided and must be completed by participating students, teacher candidates, and project faculty. The completed evaluations must be submitted to Leslie Day by June 30.

Participant Evaluation (doc 42KB)
Primary Student Survey (doc 28KB)
Intermediate Student Survey (doc 29KB)

The following materials are required to be submitted as your Proposal Application:

Cover sheet: 

Title of Project
School Name
Telephone Number
Contact Person

Project Description:

1.  List of project participants including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and project role.
2.  Goals and objectives of the project.
     a.  What do you hope to accomplish?
     b.  How does this project address a current need?
3.  Action Plan.
     a.  How will you accomplish the project goals and objectives?
     b.  How does the project better prepare student teachers?
     c.  How will the project influence student learning?
     d.  How will the project influence your professional practice?
4.  Assessment Plan.
     a.  How will you know whether the goals were achieved?
     b.  What impact will the project have on the school, teachers, community and students?
5.  Budget.
     a.  How much money are you requesting?
     b.  How will the money be spent?  (Note:  Grant money cannot be used for BSC faculty stipends.)
     c.  Grant money may be used to cover substitute teacher costs for attendance at the annual PDS retreat.
6.  Project Summary of 1-2 paragraphs to be used in retreat program.

Scoring Rubric: Mini grant scoring rubric (Word 31KB) for use as a guide when filling out the application. 

Mini-grant applications are accepted year round, but must be received by October 15 for consideration.  Notification of acceptance is made by November 15, with the funded project required to be presented at the PDS Retreat held the following fall.

Applications should be forwarded to:

Mrs. Leslie Day, PDS Director
Bacon Hall 320
Buffalo State College
1300 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222

Electronic submissions may be sent to:

Direct all questions regarding the Mini-Grant application process to Leslie Day at