Week of the Classroom Teacher Honoree

Ms. Pamela Weinrib is a librarian at Westminster Community Charter School.  She was honored during the Week of the Classroom Teacher for incorporating globalization and preparing her students for the global world.  

John McGowan presenting Ms. Weinrib with the award.

Congratulations to our professional organization ACEI on receiving the Chapter Excellence Award! 

Congratulations to all of the participants at this year's Student Research and Creativity Celebration on May 1 and 2, 2009!!

Participants Include: Kelsey Carson, Sara Knapp, Anna DeBalski, Alyssa Kurtz, Melissa Cotton, Lindsey Martin, Sara Schmitt, Suzanne Koons, Samantha Kempis, Megan Riordan, Amanda Kach, Rachel Mooney, Bryana Haas, Amy Henchey, Dalphne Bell, Jennifer Valeri, Lindsey Crill, Christine Bussa, Felicia Scott, Krystal Bellanti, John McGowan, Brittany McCarty, Trisha Podlaski, Pamela Lange, Jason Malczeqski, Jackie Newell, Sharlyn Ten, Nicole Teti, Tina Thomson, Nicole Berg, Emily Marvin, Ashley Konka, Katelyn Iovino, Sarah Zenger, Nicole Penton, Kristina Zaleski, Jesse Chertow, Jason LeGrett, Samantha Hillis, Kristin DiMillo, Jennifer Augustell, Kayla Maggard, Michelle Kaczmarek, Randall Yu, Corey Wilson, Dave Van Blargan, Marine Dembrow, Ginger DeMita, Ashley Hurd, Dana Myers, Christina Thomann, Kyle Kunkle, Rachel Edie, and Ashley Jabkuzcack.

Here are some pictures from May 2, 2009:


Congratulations to all of the recipients for 2008-2009 Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Congratulations to the following undergraduate students: Bryana Haas, John McGowan, Rachel Mooney, Russell Nixon, Heidie Stauffer, and Chantal Wiedermann. Congratulations to the following graduate students: Amy Henchey, Gliset Lebron, Diane Salverson, and Jennifer Sienkiewicz.  


Congratulations to Dr. Del Prado Hill for receiving the 2008-2009 Promotion Equity and Diversity Award!

Congratulations to Dr. Dennis Mike, EER, and Elizabeth LaRocca, student intern, EER, for being recognized as 2009 honorees by the Center for Development of Human Services (CDHS).     

Congratulations to Elisha James, Kelly Barten, Hilary Livingston, Cristina Collana, and Lynne Finnegan for judging the 2009 Science Fair held at Our Lady of Black Rock School!

Congratulations to Lauren Waldroff and John McGowan for becoming the new Professional Development School student representatives!

Congratulations to Dr. Wendy Paterson, Mrs. Leslie Day, Bryana Loos-Haas, Rachel Mooney, and Amy Bianchi-Henchey for being accepted to present at the National Association for Professional Development Schools.

Congratulations to Dr. Maria Ceprano and Dr. Nancy Chicola who have been accepted to present their research at the National Conference of NAPDS: "Teacher Candidates Engaging Families In Cross Cultural Connections".

 Dr. Maria Ceprano                  Dr. Nancy Chicola

Congratulations to Dr. David Henry and Mr. Phil Gullo who have been accepted to present their research at the National Conference of NAPDS: "Sustaining An Elementary Science Methods And Student Teaching PDS".

 Dr. David Henry     

Congratulations to Dr. David Henry and Laurie Naab for having their "Why Static Clings" published in Science and Children magazine!