Click on the following links for presentations relative to Globalization that were made at the March, 2010 PDS meeting:

Resources for Teachers - Dr. Keli Garas-York

Globalization Notes from the meeting - Dr. Keli Garas-York

Virtual Field Trips - Dr. Pixita Del Prado-Hill

Connecting Electronically With Teachers Globally - Dr. Myrtle Welch

Click on the following links for Dr. Nancy Chicola's powerpoint presentation "Making a Case for Global Literature" as well as the "Criteria for Selection of Global Trade Books" checklist.

Making the Case for Global Literature     Criteria for Selection of Global Trade Books

For a list of books selected for their enhancement of student understanding of varying peoples and cultures, click on the link for the area that interests you.

International Books List

2009 Notable Books - Global  2008 Notable Books - Global  2007 Notable Books - Global

2009 Notable Books - Social Studies     2008 Notable Books - Social Studies    

2007 Notable Books - Social Studies     2006 Notable Books - Social Studies

2005 Notable Books - Social Studies

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Additional Globalization Resources: