For the purchase of equipment, supplies and services

  • One method of purchasing work-related materials, supplies, equipment and services under $2500, is using the procurement card.  Price should be competitive.  Purchase from Preferred Sources - Minority, Women Owned, and state contract suppliers, when possible.  Follow all guidelines for the procurement card.  Do not use for restricted items.

REQUISITIONS PROCESSED THROUGH PROCUREMENT SERVICES-All purchases over $2500 should be processed through Procurement Services.

GENERAL GUIDELINES - Processing time may vary depending on complexity/situation.  Some restrictions apply.

Suppliers must be on the State Financial System before processing a Purchase Order.

$0-$5,000 On a requisition.  Prices should be reasonable.  Processing time 3-5 business days.
$5,001-$50,000 Price justification is required.  2-3 competitive quotations.  If the department has obtained quotations, please send over with requisition.  If sole source or single source, documentation from the department is required.  See guidelines for sole/single source.
$50,001-$125,000 For non-state contracts - Notification in the Contract Reporter required.  At least three written bids.  If sole source or single source, documentation from the department is required.  Price justification required.  See guidelines for sole or single source.   All bidding should go through Procurement Services.  Processing time 3-5 weeks. 

For non-state contracts - Notification in the Contract Reporter, at least 5 formal sealed bids.  Forms required - Vendor Responsibility, ST220, Lobbying Law, and Consultant Law, if applicable.  If single or sole source, documentation from the department/supplier is required.  Processing time 3-5 weeks.

NOTE: If the award is not made to the low bidder, or a bid protest is received, or it is a sole or single source, prior approval from the Attorney General and the Office of the State Comptroller is required.  Processing time - over 5 weeks. Items purchased from state contracts - no Contract Reporter, bids or approvals required.

Over $250,000 For non-state contracts - All of the above, plus approval at the Office of the State Comptroller and Attorney General's Office.  Processing time - over 5 weeks.  Items purchased from state contract, no Contract Reporter, bids, approvals required.


  • Per NYS Finance Law, Section 163.6.b. "..state agencies shall consider the reasonably expected aggregate amount of the same commodities or services to be made within the twelve-month period commencing on the date of purchase.  Purchases of services or commodities shall not be artificially divided for the purpose of satisfying the discretionary buying thresholds..(split ordering)."
  • Sweatshop/Fair Labor Compliance legislation -certification forms are required for the purchase of apparel, sports equipment and items with the Buffalo State trademark/logo, from suppliers NOT licenses with BSC.
  • Items on New York State Contracts do not require competitive bidding or approval.
  • Sole source or single source purchases over $5,000 require documentation and written justification from the department giving specific reasons for the sole or single source.  Price justification is also required.
  • The College encourages the placement of orders with Preferred Sources and NYS certified Minority and Women Owned Businesses (MWBE's).
  • Blanket (open PO's) or standing orders can be set up with suppliers to cover a series of small purchases over a prescribed period of time.  
  • The purchasing thresholds do not apply to construction contracts.  See Campus Services.
  • If a bid protest is received on an order over $125,000, or the order is placed with someone other than the low bidder, single source or sole source, pre approval is required from the Attorney General and the Office of the State Comptroller.  Time for processing/approval could be from 5 weeks to much longer.  Plan far in advance.
  • License Agreements and Contracts must be signed by a BSC authorized person and must go through Procurement Services.

When in doubt, check it out with Procurement Services at 716-878-4113.