DEFINITION: A Single Source procurement is one in which two or more vendors can supply the commodity, technology and /or perform the services required by an agency, but the department selects one vendor over the others.

Departments must state the circumstances leading to the selection of the vendor, any alternatives considered, rationale for selecting the vendor and how it was determined that the price was fair and reasonable.

GUIDELINES for Substantiating Single Source

  • Past experience with a particular issue and this vendor has the historical knowledge or was the original installer.
  • Experience with similar projects at other agencies or at other levels of government.
  • Demonstrated expertise.
  • Capacity and willingness to respond to an emergency situation.


  • Competitive quote but other suppliers could not meet specifications.
  • Comparison to product catalog.
  • Comparison to similar product/service.
  • Published price lists.
  • Prices quoted are less than or equal to, those quoted to other governmental agencies.
  • Records of previously bid items that were similar.
  • Proven industry standard.

Documentation should be on departmental letterhead, signed and sent to Procurement Services with the requisition.