A blanket Order (open PO) is a purchase order issued to establish an account with a supplier to obtain miscellaneous supplies during a specific period of time (i.e. -maintenance and repair items, etc.)  If the total expenditure for the year will be over $2500, and the items are NOT on state contract, a bid will be conducted to obtain the best price and delivery.  A purchase order for a specific amount of money will be set up for the fiscal year and then orders may be placed directly to the supplier by the department as supplies are needed.  This is a good area for departments to use the Visa Procurement Card and order directly with the supplier.


  • Reduces processing costs since only one purchase order is required for each supplier.
  • Quicker ordering.
  • Immediate notification of availability if ordered online.
  • Improved accuracy.

Important Reminders

  • Establish and use a valid PO number when ordering.  Blanket orders will terminate at the end of the fiscal year, so a new requisition must be sent to Procurement Services for the new fiscal year blanket order.
  • When creating a replacement blanket order for the new fiscal year, reference the PO that is being replaced.
  • Send related invoices and /or receivers to Accounting with the correct PO number referenced immediately after you receive the items.
  • One PO can have multiple authorized users.