• All purchasing commitments, whether using the procurement card or sending a requisition to Procurement Services, must have enough money in the account to pay for the transaction.  While not necessary, you might want to consider obtaining a quotation from the vendor before making the purchase, to find out the exact price.  This becomes important as you get towards the end of the fiscal year and diminishing funds.
  • It is the Departments resonsibility to check balances on their accounts before making the purchase or sending over a requisition.
  • If funds are not available and will not become available in the near future, the requisition will be returned to the department with a note.
  • If funds are temporarily not available but are forthcoming, the requisition will be held and notification will be sent to the department that the requisition is being detained pending the funding of their account.

To avoid any delays in the purchasing process, please check your account balances before sending a requisition to Procurement Services.