The definition of EMERGENCY from the State Finance Law is:

" urgent and unexpected requirement where health and public safety, or the conservation of public resources, is at risk."

A failure to properly and timely plan in advance for a procurement, which then results in a situation in which normal procurement practices cannot be followed, will NOT constitute an "emergency".

Under $2500-the department may use the Procurement Card to make a purchase.  If the Procurement Card is unavailable, call Procurement (878-4113) immediately.  We will work with you to expedite the purchase.

Under $50,000-contact Procurement Services immediately, if possible. Obtain at least two quotations if possible. State Contract items do not require bids.  Follow up with a purchase requisition and a written memorandum signed by the appropriate department head, describing the emergency in detail and requesting the order be processed under "Emergency" guidelines.  Include price justification.

Over $50,000-contact Procurement Services, if possible.  If on state contract, a purchase may be made immediately.  Otherwise, obtain at least two quotations if possible, and notification in the Contract Reporter is required.  Where publication is not feasible due to the emergency nature of the commodity or service, and after approval by a campus senior officer, a verbal request for approval of an exemption, followed up with a written request, must be made to the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), they will respond verbally as soon as practicable, and follow up with a written confirmation of its determination (item 7553,ll.A.5)

Emergency procurements are exempt from the formal competitive selection requirements, but the College must be able to justify and document the nature of the emergency and the selection of the vendor and establish reasonableness of price in the procurement record.