As stated in SUNY's Procurement Guidelines, Item 7553 - our basic procurement objective is to secure the most appropriate materials, supplies, equipment and services from the most reasonable and responsible sources, consistent with quality requirements and delivery needs as will best promote the interests of SUNY.

The practice of competitive bidding not only tends to assure reasonable prices, but also guards against favoritism, improvidence and fraud, and should therefore be used to the extent practicable.

Any purchase from $5,000 to $50,000 must have documentation attached to the purchase record, indicating why the price is considered fair and reasonable.  Orders over $50,000 require additional documentation.

Price Justification can include, but is not limited to:

  • Competitive bids/quotations.
  • State contract item, give contract #.
  • Purchase from a Preferred Source or Minority/Women Owned Business.
  • Vendors published price list.
  • Comparisons to other vendors' prices for similar products/services.
  • Historical cost or price comparison.
  • Price compatible to previous justified purchase.
  • Prices quoted are less than or equal to that quoted other governmental agencies.
  • Proprietary item.
  • Warranty invalidation.
  • OGS (Office of General Services) or less.