Purchase Orders are written after the receipt of an authorized requisition.  The vendor must be on the state financial system to be processed.  If they are not on the system, they must fill out a NYS substitute W-9(link) form and return it to Procurement.  This may take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the turnaround time.  Once a requisition has been submitted and approved, a purchase order will be generated then mailed or faxed to the vendor.  The goldenrod copy of the PO will be sent to the department making the request.

The purchase order is a six (6) part form.

Distribution of purchase order copies:

l. Alpha for Procurement Services

2. Vendor copy

3. Accounting

4. Office of State Comptroller - goes to Accounting

5. Receiving to Campus Services

6. Department - goldenrod copy

Upon receipt of the goods or services, the Department should immediately inspect the item(s) to ensure that the order is correct and complete, document the date of the receipt and sign and return the goldenrod copy immediately to Accounting.  Accounting will then pay the vendor.

Questions?  Call Procurement Services at 878-4113.