It is sometimes necessary to make changes to a purchase order (PO) after the order has been sent to the vendor and before the PO has been closed.

Some reasons for changes are:

  • Price has changed.
  • Description has changed.
  • Part # is wrong.
  • Vendor can no longer supply one or more of the items.

If a change order is required, the following steps should be taken:

  • Department sends to Procurement an email, fax or written note giving the details of the change.  This should include the PO#, vendor name, the change and the reason for the change.
  • If the additional encumbrance is more than $20.00, approval for the expenditure must be obtained from the department account manager.
  • Procurement will make the change on the SUNY purchase order system, reprint the purchase order and resend copies.

Please note that a change order cannot be completed after the order has been received and paid for.

Questions? Call Procurement Services at 878-4113.