All suppliers to New York State Agencies, including all SUNY campuses, must be on the new State Financial System, in order to process any purchase orders or payments.

In order to comply with this requirement, Procurement Services will first check on the system to verify that the supplier is registered, before typing a purchase order.

If the vendor is not on the system, and has a physical address in the USA and a vaild TIN on file with the IRS, a New York State Substitute Form W-9 must be filled out by the vendor and returned to Procurement Services for input.  Any payee/vendor who wishes to do business with New York State must complete the form and it is the only acceptable documentation.  They will not accept IRS Form W-9.  A quick turnaround time for completion and return of this form will expedite the processing of a purchase order to the company.

Once the form is received in Procurement Services, inputted into the SFS system, and has successfully gone through the approval process with the IRS, a purchase order may be typed. 

The most common reason for a vendor to fail the IRS check is that the vendor's Legal Business Name and TIN do not match the information on file with the IRS.

Any changes to the address or any other part of the original submission must be completed by the vendor. Please see the vendor information found on the OGS website.