The following guidelines apply to the purchase of apparel and sports equipment where the Buffalo State College logo/trademarks are being used.


 Apparel-apparel is defined, but not limited to the following: academic regalia, lab coats, uniforms (including sports, gym, and staff uniforms), shoes (including athletic shoes or sneakers), sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps and hats.

Sports Equipment: defined as, but not limited to the following: balls, bats and all other goods/equipment intended for use by those participating in sports and games.

In support of the State University of New York's Anti-Sweatshop/Fair Labor Standards Policy (SUNY Policy #7560), a contractor, subcontractor or licensee is required to certify to its adherence to applicable labor standards in connection with working conditions, compensation, employee rights to form unions, and the use of child labor.

Therefore, all purchases for sports equipment, apparel and items with the Buffalo State College marks, must comply with this legislation.  All suppliers where these items are purchased must fill out and have on file a "Certificate of Compliance with Fair Labor Conditions" form.  Purchases from a Buffalo State licensed supplier will not have to have a certificate on file at the campus, as their certificate is filed at Licensing Resource Group(  Please purchase from a licensed vendor( ) when ever possible.