New York State Centralized contracts are established for use by authorized buyers and agencies.  They are managed by the Office of General Services (OGS), Procurement Services Group.  Their mission is to provide customer focused procurement services through the development and management of contracts and services that meet customer needs.  They are divided into three categories:

P or PC contracts - contracts for commodities

PS contracts - contracts for services

PT contracts - contracts for technology

Purchases of materials, equipment or supplies from a state contract DO NOT require additional bidding requirements.  Some exceptions do apply for large dollar amount orders (ie. computers).  If purchasing a large dollar valued order, prices may be negotiated down.  All contract award bidding requirements are completed through OGS.

For an alphabetized list of commodities on state contract,

  • click on Commodities,
  • click on the appropriate Group Number

Please feel free to contact Procurement Services for help in searching for State Contracts - 716-878-4113.