The mission of Buffalo State College's Trademark and Licensing Program is to protect and promote the proper use of the college's name, logos and signature marks.  Buffalo State closely monitors usage of the college's trademarks, seals, logos and verbiage to ensure that the integrity of its trademark rights is maintained in all products, promotions, and publications.  The use of any items that contain Buffalo State College's name, logos or signature marks, must comply with  the following guidelines.


All campus offices, departments, organizations and associations desiring to use the College's trade names, trademarks, logos and name.  Included are all student, faculty and staff organizations, academic and administrative areas, alumni and athletic groups.


All proposed design products employing the college name, logo, department name, or marks must meet standard requirements established by the Trademark Licensing Office (716-878-3561).  Products include all items intended to be sold or given away.

College trade name, trademarks and logos are any :word, name, letter(s), mark, logo, seal, symbol, or any combination of these which have come to be associated with the college in any style, size and /or form.


Buffalo State College will NOT approve nor license the use of its name or marks in connection with certain products.  They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages and certain related products.
  • Tobacco and smoking related products.
  • Drug paraphernalia.
  • Firearms or weapons.
  • Toiletries and certain food products.
  • Sexually oriented goods.
  • Health and skin care products.
  • Goods related to gambling, lotteries and sweepstakes.
  • Religious or burial goods.
  • Products of a political nature.
  • Goods that include names or pictures of current students (e.g. student athletes).
  • Services of any kind.
  • Goods making unfavorable references to race, religion, sex, national origin or disability.
  • Sunglasses and certain sport/athletic equipment .
  • Products in "poor taste" including bathroom products.

The above list is not exhaustive.  Other items may also be prohibited.  When in doubt, please contact the campus Trademark Licensing Officer.


In support of the State University of New York's Anti Sweatshop Policy, a contractor, subcontractor or licensee is required to certify to its adherence to applicable labor standards in connection with working conditions, compensation, employee rights to form unions and the use of child labor.

Therefore, all purchases for sports equipment, apparel and items with the Buffalo State College marks, must comply with this legislation.  All suppliers where these items are purchased must fill out and have on file, a "Certificate of Compliance with Fair Labor Conditions" form.  Purchases from a Buffalo State licensed supplier ( will NOT have to have a certificate on file at the Campus.  It will be filed with Licensing Resource Group


Please contact the campus Trademark Licensing Officer, Jill Powell, at 716-878-3561 for further information.