Why Use the Visa Procurement Card?

  • The PCard simplifies the Purchasing process - faster ordering, direct contact with suppliers, faster delivery of product .
  • Can use the PCard up to $2500.
  • Flexibility and control to meet deadlines.  Reduce the inventory requirements.
  • Great for Internet purchases where no purchase order is accepted.
  • The average cost of processing a requisition to purchase order, delivery, receipt and payment is over $100.
  • On average, each PCard transaction results in a $67 savings in administrative processing costs.
  • The PCard use applies to State and IFR funds.
  • The State of New York encourages the use of the Procurement  Card.

General Information

  • The PCard is assigned to a specific state account(s).
  • Can be used for a wide range of program related expenses under $2500.
  • Assigned to an individual-not a Department.
  • Training is mandatory.
  • No travel or food related purchases.
  • Cannot purchase restricted items.
  • Must reconcile every month and keep proper paperwork.
  • College liability, not individual liability.

Great to Use For

  • Orders under $2500.
  • Registration fees for conferences.
  • Seminars, memberships, subscriptions.
  • Supplies where there is a state contract (Grainger, Office Max, computers, scientific., etc.).
  • Online orders.