1. How does the State Procurement Card make my job easier?  It allows the cardholder to place orders directly with a vendor.  It is  faster and you receive the items in a timely manner.  It also eliminates the requisitions needed to process a purchase order.
  2. How does the process work?  The cardholder contacts the supplier directly to make the purchase with the PCard.  Citibank arranges payment to the supplier, and Citibank provides the cardholder one monthly statement with all the charges.  At the end of the month, the cardholder must reconcile purchases against the Citibank bank statement and approve the charges for the department in the Albany, AEPC system.
  3. How will I keep track of my purchases?  The cardholder will record each purchase on an internal order form and keep it on file in the department along with all receipts and invoices.  The cardholder will balance these purchases against the monthly statement from Citibank.
  4. Can I use the PCard for travel, restaurant, or entertainment related activity?  NO.  There are blocks placed on these types of transactions.
  5. What kinds of purchases can I make with the PCard?  Business related expenses for items up to $2500 including: registrations for conferences and seminars, subscriptions, memberships, supplies, books, equipment, shipping charges, stamps, printing, etc.
  6. Are there other limits available besides the $2500 single transaction limit?  Yes, lower or higher single transaction limits can be assigned with supervsor approval.
  7. Do I pay tax?  No. Taxes should not be paid.  Make sure to notify the supplier that it will be a tax exempt purchase at point of sale.
  8. Can I order by phone or online?  Yes, phone, fax, online, or in person are all acceptable ordering methods.  In all cases keep any receipts or packing slips with your order form.
  9. Will I be audited?  Yes, keep copies of all receipts and order forms for 6 years plus the current year.  Send originals to Accounting after monthly reconciliation.  Do not purchase restricted items.  When in doubt, check it out with Procurement Services at 4113.  Audits can be conducted both internally and by SUNY Administration and the Office of the State Comptroller.
  10. Is the card in my name or the Department's name?  The card is in your name. 
  11. Who has the liability?  New York State is liable for all business related purchases.  If one were to use the card in an inappropriate manner, that person would be liable.