The following are guidelines for hiring an Independent Contractor.

If they can answer yes to the following questions, the worker is an Independent Contractor.

l. Does the worker have a Federal Employer Identification Number?

2. Does the worker hold his/her services out to the general public?

3. Does the worker advertise his/her services?

4. Is the work activity in question customarily performed by non-employees?

5. Does the worker own or rent office space away from home?

6. Does the worker have multiple sources of income from the activity in question?

7. Is the workers' enterprise of sufficient substance that it could be sold?

8. Is the worker allowed to delegate or assign the work to others?

9. Is the worker paid a specific sum at the conclusion of the project?

10. Does the worker perform a "high-skill" activity (i.e. doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer, architect, psychologist, licensed nurse, etc.)?