Paperwork Required for the Procurement Card

The following is the paperwork requirements for using the procurement card:

  • Start a file or folder for just the Procurement Card.
  • Complete the Order Form each time a purchase is made using the PCard.  Supervisory authorization may be set up at this point at the discretion of the department heads.
  • Record the receipt of the merchandise on the Order Form.
  • Attach original receipts (itemized receipts if picking up in person, plus the credit card receipt) to the back of the Order Form.
  • Reconcile each transaction with the online Citibank Visa summary statement at the end of the month.  Complete the verification within five (5) business days of receipt of the statement.
  • Reconcile transactions in the SUNY AEPC system.  Print two copies of the certification screen.
  • Attach the SUNY AEPC statement, the original receipts and a copy of the Order Form and send all to Accounting in Cleveland Hall immediately after certification.  Retain a copy of each for your files.

Questions?  Call Procurement Services at 716-878-4113.