Appropriate Use of State Funds

State funds, operating and IFR, should be used for materials, supplies and services that directly relate to the operation and mission of Buffalo State College.


1. Someone in our office is retiring, having a birthday, celebrating a promotion, etc.-can we purchase a gift/flowers/food, etc. using our state account? Answer: NO. You cannot use state monies for these types of purchases.

2. We want to purchase gift cards for students in our office as a thank you, can we use our state account?  We want to purchase a prepaid credit card from TOPS for prizes at an event, can we use state monies? Answer-NO, these are considered prepayments, which are not an allowable expense.

3. Can I purchase water or a water cooler using state funds? Answer-Unless there is an unusual circumstance with your location, i.e. no city water available, the answer is NO.

4. Can I purchase personal items like tissues, air freshener, hand sanitizer, etc. using my state account? Answer- NO.  these items are not allowable in most cases.  These are for personal use and therefore we cannot purchase them with state monies.

5. Can I purchase janitorial items, like paper towels, cleaners, etc. using my state account? Answer-It is recommended that you contact Campus Services, Custodial Services to fulfill your needs.

When in doubt, check it out with Procurement Services 716-878-4113.